What to Do Now to Prepare for Winter

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What to Do Now for Your Irrigation System

Winterizing Your Irrigation System

Now that the warm months are over, the chilly air of fall and winter is descending upon Texas. As you prepare for colder weather, consider winterizing your irrigation system. A freeze can damage irrigation systems, resulting in costly repairs or contamination of the water you use in your home. This short video will give you easy-to-follow instructions that will get your irrigation system ready for winter.

Winterize Now

DIY Energy Savings: Insulate Your Water Heater Tank

Hot Water Heater

Looking for ways to save energy at home? Heating water is the second highest use of energy in the home. So, try insulating your hot water heater. This is an inexpensive project—the investment in parts will generally pay for itself in one year—and can be done in just a few hours. Check out our blog to learn how to insulate your water heater tank yourself.

DIY Savings

Save Gas While Road Tripping Through Texas

Driving Through Texas

Texas is a road tripper’s paradise. From the rolling hill country and the desert mountains to the pine forests and the coastal prairies, our state is great for adventure-seekers. But all that driving could be costly if you’re not maximizing your vehicle’s fuel economy. Visit our blog to learn a few simple tips that could help you save big and keep the air clean.

Drive Efficiently

What’s Even Better Than Recycling?

Reusable Bag

We hear a lot about the importance of recycling—and with good reason. It helps to reduce the amount of trash we send to our landfills and conserves natural resources. However, it’s important to remember that there are two other Rs—reduce and reuse—which are even more effective ways to protect our environment.

Reduce and Reuse

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