Texans Don't Litter, Do They?

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From the Street to the Creek

Storm Drain

Have you ever wondered what happens to rain when it goes down a storm drain? It’s carried by the storm sewer and discharged into nearby waterways. This water, called stormwater runoff, carries pollutants it has picked up from streets, lawns, rooftops, and other surfaces. However, runoff isn’t just caused by rain; human activities also create it. Luckily there are simple steps everyone can take to keep our water clean.

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Texans Don’t Litter, Do They?

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Overall, visible litter is down by 34 percent on roads maintained by the Texas Department of Transportation. This is occurring despite an increase in drivers on the road. However, there is still more work to do—about 435 million pieces of visible litter still accumulate on Texas roadways each year. To help understand littering, the TxDOT recently surveyed over 1,000 people to learn about their attitudes toward it. So, do Texans litter? Find out on our blog.

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You Can Recycle at School


Did you know Texas is projected to run out of landfill space in just 56 years? That’s if we keep up our current rate of disposal—about 6.5 pounds of trash per person every day. Reducing waste is as important as ever. Fortunately, it’s a challenge we can all do something about. Because schools accumulate tons of waste they can also be part of the effort to deal with it effectively. To help, consider starting or improving a recycling program in your school or district.

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