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How to Be Energy Smart When Streaming

Streaming on Digital Media Player

Did you know that watching television is the most popular leisure activity in the United States? And now, there are more ways to view your favorite shows and movies than ever—including streaming, a relatively recent phenomenon. Although streaming has become more common, people may not be aware of the electricity needs of the various streaming devices. Keep reading to learn how to stream green.

Stream Green

Tips to Get Better Gas Mileage This Summer

Vehicle Air Conditioning

Surprise! We’ve got good news about summer temperatures in Texas—hot weather can actually improve your vehicle's gas mileage! However, rolling down the windows or using the AC can reduce fuel economy. So, what can Texans do to stay cool and still save gas during the summer months? Check out these six easy-to-follow tips to find out.

Drive Smart

Ask Us Your Questions

Ask Us Your Questions

A lot of Texans are interested in conserving water. However, sometimes it’s hard to know the most effective ways to save. Ask us! Submit your questions about water conservation to Take Care of Texas and we will try to answer them in future articles. Please note that we may not be able to address all questions.

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Special Focus for Water Quality Month

Oil Change

Are you one of the many “do-it-yourselfers” who change their own oil at home? Or have you considered trying to change your own oil? Oil can contaminate water, so it’s important to handle and dispose of your used oil and oil filters properly. Celebrate Water Quality Month by learning how to DIY the green way.

Oil Recycling

Use Mulch to Save Water in Your Yard
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