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Expand Your Classroom Budget with These Exciting Grants

Are you looking for ways to expand your limited classroom budget? Applying for a grant to fund your environmental education project or improve your facility is a great way to achieve more. Grants can be competitive, so sharpen your pencils and start thinking outside the box for a chance at earning a wide range of funding awards.

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Hands-on Activities for Your Class

Environmental education gives young people the opportunity to explore environmental issues, engage in problem solving, and protect our state. Without promoting a particular point of view or course of action, it helps individuals learn how to weigh various sides of an issue through critical thinking. Check out the hands-on activities in this post to help your students grow and have fun!

Hands-on Activities

Take Care of Texas Activity Book

FREE Coloring Book for Kids

Take Care of Texas offers River and Sky’s Lone Star Activity Book for FREE! You can either download and print it, or order a classroom set and we’ll ship it to you at no cost. In this book, kids will follow along with the Take Care of Texas mascots, River and Sky. Children will learn about the importance of keeping Texas clean, as well as the many ways that they can protect our state.

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Classroom Whiteboard Activities

Fun for Your Classroom Whiteboard

Are you looking for interactive activities to enhance your classroom lessons? Take Care of Texas has got you covered with these FREE and fun materials. Project these five activities onto your classroom whiteboard and engage your students in learning about the environment.

Whiteboard Activities

Teacher Web Pages

Web Resources for Educators

Did you know that TCOT created web pages just for educators? In this section of our website, you’ll find high-quality, FREE resources to help make your job easier and teach students how they can do their part to Take Care of Texas. We’ve got publications, interactive activities, school projects, lesson plans, and more!

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