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What Uses the Most Water in Your Home?

Water drop

An average American family uses more than 300 gallons of water daily—70 percent of which occurs indoors. Toilets use more water than any other indoor appliance. Older, inefficient toilets can use as much as three to six gallons per flush. Your household can help significantly curb water use by fixing toilet leaks and/or purchasing a new water-efficient toilet.

Curb Your Water Use

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Graywater, from Your Sink to Your Lawn

Purple graywater pipes

You may have heard about graywater, but are unsure what it is. Graywater is simply wastewater that can be recycled. Some may think this sounds strange, but water reuse has many benefits including saving water, energy, and money, providing a dependable, locally controlled water supply, and preventing diversion of water from sensitive ecosystems. Learn more about graywater.

Gray is the New Green

What Do I Do With Used Batteries?

Phone with portable charger

Americans purchase over three billion batteries each year, so proper disposal is important. With several different kinds of batteries—single-use, rechargeable, and auto—sometimes it's hard to know how to discard them. This post is your definitive guide to battery disposal.

Battery Disposal

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