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Want to Know the Fundamentals of Collecting Rainwater?

Rain Barrel

Have you heard about the benefits of rainwater harvesting? It's good for your wallet and the environment! You can collect and use rainwater on all types of landscapes and in all types of climates. Check out this post to learn essential information such as how to design and maintain your own system, how to build your own rain barrels, and which cities offer financial incentives for rainwater harvesting.

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Pick Up After Your Pup to Keep Our Water Clean

Woman Walking Dog

For National Pet Day, April 11, lean more about why and how to pick up your pet’s waste. Pet waste can contribute pollution to bodies of water when it is not disposed of properly, which can adversely affect people and animals.

Why Pick Up Waste?

Which Uses More Water? The Shower vs. Bath Debate

Bathtub and Shower Head

More than half of all indoor water use takes place in the bathroom. A common debate is whether it uses more water to take a shower or a bath. Some think that taking a bath conserves water because the faucet does not stay running the entire time. And some say a shower is better because it takes so much water to fill up a tub. Find the answer on our blog.

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In 2017, Over 24 Million Pounds of Electronics Were Recycled in Texas

The average household has approximately 28 electronic devices. As your electronics wear out and are no longer of use, learn how and where to recycle TVs, computers, and other electronics. For a chance to win a $100 gift card, provided by H-E-B, tell us how you recycle all types of items around your home. See the contest rules.

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Art Contest Grand Prize Winner

Art Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners in the Take Care of Texas Kids Art Contest! A big thank you to all the teachers and students that participated and to Samsung Austin Semiconductor for generously providing the prizes. Check out all the winning artwork from these young Texans.

DEA Take Back Day

Rx Take Back Day

Medications can adversely affect people, the environment, and wildlife. Flushing unused drugs down the toilet can contaminate the water supply. Medications thrown in the trash can be abused. Learn about safely disposing of drugs at National Prescription Drug Take Back Day on April 28th.