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Groundwater Monitoring Detection Reports

Many permit-required reports are due to the TCEQ by March 1, 2018.

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Common incomplete or missing items: 

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Remembering to include these items in your report will make the review and approval process easier, better, and faster.

Section News

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The task of managing storm debris left in the wake of Hurricane Harvey was the responsibility of the TCEQ, local governments, and FEMA. In order to ensure the safe and expedient clean-up of storm debris, the TCEQ authorized Temporary Debris Management sites throughout the affected counties. As of December, over 200 temporary debris management sites have been authorized by TCEQ’s regional offices. During the disaster response, the Waste Permits Division of the TCEQ assisted the regional offices by maintaining a central database of debris management sites, and by providing a publicly-available map of all debris management sites. Waste Permits staff, including Adrienne Clark, Charles Brown, and Armando Barrera, have contributed their time and talent to this process.


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The 85th Texas Legislature appropriated funds allowing I&HW to hire three new staff members to implement a state-regulated Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) program: Berney Williams, P.E. and Robert Anderson, P.E. joined the section this Fall, and our new geologist will start after the first of the year. Management met with interested parties in 2017 to gather information in support of program development. Using this information, I&HW started the combined process of rulemaking, program delegation, and implementation which is expected to take approximately 18-24 months to complete. 


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I&HW started rulemaking to adopt multiple federal RCRA rule changes, including the Hazardous Waste Generator Rule Improvements regulations. We are in the identification phase of rule adoption, assessing which of the optional federal regulations will be incorporated into Texas regulations. This rulemaking will take 12-18 months for completion. Stay tuned for updates to these rulemakings and other I&HW news in future newsletters.

Revised Documents, Forms, & Publications

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Technical Guidance Document #10

The recently revised document provides guidance on calculating closure and post-closure cost estimates for hazardous waste treatment, storage, or disposal facilities.

Revisions include the introduction of Remedial Action Cost Engineering Requirements System (RACER) as an approved third-party cost estimating tool.

Download the most recent version of the guidance document on the I&HW Technical Guidance Document Index webpage.

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RCRA Permit Application Format

I&HW is implementing a standardized application format for all Part A and B Hazardous Waste Permit Application submittals. The standard format will
provide consistency among permit applications and make the information easier to prepare, locate, and review.

Download a copy of the Format of the Hazardous Waste Permit Application and Instructions document on the I&HW Forms and Guidance webpage.

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RCRA Part B Application

Revised language regarding the submittal of application fee checks. Submit checks for payment of permit application fees directly to the TCEQ Financial Administration Division. Include the application check number, date of check, and the check amount in the application. Do not submit a photocopy of the actual check with your application. 

Download the most recent version of the application on the I&HW Forms and Guidance webpage.


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CPT Plan Checklist

Survey results from other states and the EPA show that Louisiana is the only other state than Texas using standardized formats for Combustion Plan submittals. In the last two years, I&HW developed the following tools and placed them on the I&HW website: QA/QC checklist for Notice of Compliance (NOC) data sets; Comprehensive Performance Test (CPT) Plan Coversheet; CPT Plan Checklist (outline); and a NOC report format. Coming soon in early 2018, a new interactive CPT Plan Checklist will be added to the I&HW website for submission with future Combustion Plans.