Plant now to get bluebonnets this spring

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Are you a book lover but you’re not sure what to do with that pile of books in your house? Don’t throw them away! Celebrate National Book Month with easy tips to help you become an eco-friendly reader. Whether you have used books to get rid of or you are searching for some great new reads, there are many ways you can help reduce waste.

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Vampire Power

Don't let your energy bill haunt you this Halloween—slay energy vampires in your home. An energy vampire—also called standby power, phantom load, or ghost load—is an electronic device that continues to draw power when it is turned off. Learn an easy way to ward off energy vampires in your home.

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Grow Your Own Bluebonnet

Each spring, you can see beautiful displays of the iconic bluebonnet across the state. Did you know that these flowers actually germinate in the fall and grow all winter? That means it's now bluebonnet planting season in Texas! Check out this post to find out how to get a bluebonnet patch in your very own yard!

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