I&HW Spring Highlights

I&HW Quarterly Highlights - Spring 2017 banner

Register to attend the Waste Management: Industrial and Hazardous Waste Track at the 2017 Environmental Trade Fair and Conference:

Waste Permits Section presents Wednesday, May 17 on:

 Trade Fair 2017 IHW Permits Topics


Visit the Environmental Trade Fair and Conference website for additional information.


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New tools and resources for Hazardous Waste Combustion (HWC) Program members available on our website.

New Tools and Resources for Combustion Program


For now, we recommend HWC Program members begin using the materials available on the webpage. 

For questions, comments, or feedback, email us at IHWFixItApp@tceq.texas.gov.


An updated version of the Electronic Part B Checklist is available on our website.

Updates to Part B Electronic Checklist