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Stop the FOG, Avoid a Clog

Surprising Foods You Shouldn't Put Down Your Drain

Many people know that they shouldn't put bacon grease down the drain. But did you know that there are many other foods, like salad dressing, that can also cause serious plumbing problems? 

When certain foods, commonly known as FOG, or fats, oils, and grease, are allowed to go down the drain, they can accumulate inside sewer pipes. This can cause wastewater rates to go up and wastewater to back up into homes and businesses. It can also cause manholes to overflow, contaminating local waters. Communities spend billions of dollars every year on repairs and cleanup related to this issue. Find out what surprising foods could clog your pipes.

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Start the School Year With Big Savings

Back to School Shopping

As summer comes to an end, it is time to begin your back to school shopping. Whether you’re looking forward to the year ahead or dreading going back to school, you can do your part to Take Care of Texas as you prepare!

  • Don't overbuy.
  • Recycle electronics.
  • Purchase reusable items.
  • Purchase recycled-content products.
  • Buy used books.

Need more information about electronics recycling? Confused about the labeling on recycled content products? Get "Back to School Savvy" on our blog.

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Homegrown Heroes

Students in Booker Lead the Way in Recycling

Kiowa Recycling Center

Recycling is often a challenge for small and rural communities. In 2009, six high-school students decided to conquer this challenge in their small town. With help from the community, they established the Kiowa Recycling Center. Since opening in 2010, a new group of students continues the center’s operations each year, expanding upon the work of previous classes. The recycling center was the recipient of a 2016 Texas Environmental Excellence Award.

How Fort Worth Solved Its Sewer Problem

Video Fort Worth Water Department

The City of Fort Worth needed a reliable way to examine their 262-mile network of sewer lines. The city implemented a program that uses sophisticated sonar and 3D laser technology, and sends high-definition cameras into the sewer. This program allows the water department to detect problems long before collapses occur and they expect to save more than $15 million in maintenance costs over the next ten years. The City of Fort Worth Water Department received a 2016 Texas Environmental Excellence Award for this program.

Restoring Wetlands on the Gulf Coast

Video on the Gulf Coast Restoration

Texas A&M AgriLife Research is working to restore a large area of salt-marsh wetlands from Magnolia Beach to Indianola. In this area, there had been a decline in wildlife, landowners were losing their property to erosion, and local businesses were losing tourism dollars. Researchers formed a coalition from the community to restore the area. Because of the work of the community, wildlife, vegetation, and tourists are returning. Texas A&M AgriLife Research received a 2016 Texas Environmental Excellence Award for this project.

Know of a Great Environmental Project?

Applications are now available for the 2017 Texas Environmental Excellence Awards! The awards recognize outstanding environmental projects in nine diverse categories from all over Texas. The last day to submit an application is Sept. 30, 2016.

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