Once-In-A-Lifetime Fall Birding Classic: Registration Now Open!

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Register Your 2020 Birding Classic Team Today!

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We have been hard at work since last March to create a one-of-a-kind Fall 2020 Birding Classic for birders throughout the state to enjoy fall migration. The event may look a little different, and there may be more virtual gatherings than in-person outings, but we hope that there is something for everyone in this newly imagined birding event.

So, gather your friends, family, fellow bird or nature club members, and colleagues to join your team for the once-in-a-lifetime Fall Birding Classic!

Registration deadline: September 14, 2020
Tournament Dates: October 1-31, 2020 (your choice of day).

Novice birders, expert listers and everyone in between are welcome! There are many categories to choose from based on your birding ability and region of the state. There are half day or full day tournaments and categories with team members scattered across the state or region as well as categories for teams of people who have been quarantining together. There's something for everyone!


Find all tournament details online now:

The Biggest Tournament Changes

  • GTBC participants must focus on their home "patch" (i.e. window views, yards, neighborhoods, or outdoor public spaces such as parks if permitted by local/statewide ordinances) within a 50 mile radius of their homes in order to stay local during the pandemic.
  • "Dispersed Flock" teams include team members who may be located anywhere in Texas or in their selected region (depending on if they're entering a statewide or regional tournament). Several tournament categories will offer this option.
  • “Intact Flock” teams include team members who may bird together with others in their quarantine "pod" of family/friends (i.e., those they are quarantining or interacting with during this pandemic) while following any local or state ordinances pertaining to the pandemic.
  • Big Sit! teams select a 50-foot diameter circle from which to bird. Per state Covid-19 guidelines for outdoor gatherings, no more than 10 people at a time may bird within your Big Sit! circle.
  • Wash hands often, wear a mask, and maintain 6-foot distances between you and other people not in your quarantine "pod" of family/friends.
  • Full rules for the 2020 Birding Classic offer more details and have been adopted to ensure that health and safety is the top priority as we have fun, connect with one another (virtually or safely in person), and fundraise for avian conservation work throughout the state of Texas.

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Participants receive t-shirts with the official 2020 artwork of American Avocets, by Craig Farquhar.

Registration fees and sponsorship dollars go toward Conservation Grants for birding, nature tourism, and habitat restoration and enhancement projects throughout Texas. Select winning teams will help choose which projects are funded. The more teams that register, the more funds we can award!

Questions? Email Shelly Plante (shelly.plante@tpwd.texas.gov), Nature Tourism Manager, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, about the event.