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April 24, 2014

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The Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (METRO) is the region’s largest public transit provider, offering safe, reliable and affordable transportation services about 370,000 times per day. Besides operating more than 1,200 buses, METRO is currently expanding its 13-mile Red Line with two new lines under construction. METRO’s services also include: Star Vanpool, METROLift, HOV lanes, HOT lanes, Bikes-on-Buses/Trains program, Park & Ride, and road improvement projects. Learn more about METRO services at where you will also find information about our T.R.I.P. app and the new digital, interactive rider tool METRO 360 [take a seat].


METRO Board Recognizes Bus Operator Who Saved a Life

Oscar Juracan

METRO's Board of Directors and staff gave Oscar Juracan a standing ovation during this morning's meeting. Juracan, a bus operator and American Cross CPR-certified driver, saved a passenger's life.

"I pulled over and walked to the back of the bus. When I walked to the back, I saw this lady trying to wake up a male passenger. She was crying and didn't talk. She was shaking him. I asked, ‘Tell me what happened?' She said, ‘My husband passed away. He won't respond.'"

Juracan almost didn't go to work April 5 after a long morning doing volunteer work, but he followed his gut instinct and took the wheel for route 44.

The 45-year old recently took a refresher CPR course. He quickly looked for the customer's pulse and when he didn't find one, he performed the live-saving technique for 18 minutes while awaiting EMS to arrive.  The passenger started coughing and screamed for his wife.

Turns out the passenger suffered a heart attack, and the doctor informed him that had he not received CPR at that moment, he would have died.

Juracan by bus

"I just have gratitude in my heart because I had the privilege of saving a life,"he continued. "The Lord used me to save a life. What I learned is that I have to enjoy every second that I have right now because you never know what's going to happen - when life might end."

Juracan was recently featured in our Write on METRO blog. For more details on this Hero on Wheels, click here.