Have you updated your email yet? TSDS/PEIMS Requirement

ESC-2 Region 2 Corpus Christi


TSDS Logo                                                                            April 09, 2018

PEIMS Coordinators, staff, and Technology Directors:

Please see the important message below from TEA regarding the use of a group email account for TSDS enrollment tracking.  If you were unable to attend the Unique ID/PET migration training held at the ESC-2, we have made the instructions for setting up your LEAs group email address available on our website: dp.esc2.net 

**Note that the group distribution email must first be set up locally which will require the assistance of your Technology Department. Further, the LEA AskTED administrator will be required to update this information in AskTED.** 

The Data Processing team at ESC-2 can be reached for assistance at 361.561.8434. 
Original message sent from ESC-2: March 27, 2018

Message from TEA:

Enrollment Tracking Email

TEA requested that LEAs create a group email account for the enrollment tracking feature in AskTED. This email is required for their LEA and optionally for each campus. However, based upon initial analysis by TEA, a number of LEAs are using a personal email account, rather than a group email account.

TEA’s guidance for a group email account is due in part to issues previously experienced with PET, where the email address listed was for the last person who updated a student’s enrollment. If that person leaves the organization, any emails sent to the LEA may potentially be undeliverable.