Temporary Suspension of Motor Carrier IRP Requirements for Wildfire Disaster Relief

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has suspended certain vehicle registration requirements related to Apportioned Registration, also known as the International Registration Plan (IRP), and Temporary Permits for operators of commercial motor vehicles associated with activities necessary to respond to the disaster.  

  • International Registration Plan (IRP) vehicle registration under Transportation Code, Section 502.091 and 43 TAC 217.56 to the extent the vehicle is not already registered under IRP, as long as the motor vehicle is registered in one of the 48 contiguous states of the United States; and
  • 72-/144-hour temporary registration permits under Transportation Code, Section 502.094 and 43 TAC 217.40(b)(3), as long as the vehicle is registered in another state of the United States or a state of the United Mexican States.

The suspension only applies to the vehicle registration requirements for operators of commercial vehicles that are providing disaster assistance pursuant to the declarations referenced in Governor Abbott’s proclamation. The suspension does not apply to any other requirement, including any safety requirements. Also, operators are responsible and liable for safely routing their vehicles and obtaining current restrictions and information concerning hazardous road conditions prior to movement.


A copy of Gov. Greg Abbott's Disaster Declaration and the TxDMV Notice of Suspension must be carried in the vehicle, both of which are attached below. Please see related information at https://www.txdmv.gov.