Initial Notification: RTS Batch Report is delayed (10/26/2022 09:50 AM)

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Good morning,

The TxDMV RTS Batch for the night of 10/25/2022 is still processing at this time, including
transactions and reporting.  For this reason, Cognos and Administrative Reporting will be
delayed, including the following:

1  Fee Type Funds Report

2  Funds Remittance Report
3  Week/Month TO Date Fees Report
4  Monthly Funds Report
5  E-Pay Deposit/Refund Notification Report
6  VTR Funds Adjustment Report
7  Out of County Sales Tax Report


1  NMVTIS Inquiry Report
2  Duplicate CCO Titles Issues Report

Fraud Reports

1  Voided Transactions Report

We expect that the reports will be available by 12 noon today. 

An update will be published once reports are available.

Thank you,


Texas Department of Motor Vehicles
IT Services Division