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Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Announces

Departure of Executive Director

(AUSTIN, Texas – February 7, 2022) Whitney Brewster, Executive Director of the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV), today announced her resignation from the agency. Shelly Mellott, Deputy Executive Director, will serve as the Acting Interim Executive Director until the TxDMV Board is able to deliberate on a permanent replacement. This transition is effective immediately.

In announcing the transition to TxDMV staff, Director Brewster made the following statement:

"It is with heavy and mixed emotions that I write to you today to announce my departure from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. A decade ago, I returned to Texas to lead this amazing organization full of talented and dedicated public servants. I accepted a position with this still new state agency understanding that there would be challenges and difficulties ahead in providing consistent, responsive services to more than 25 million Texans.  In the years since, I have been constantly astounded and profoundly proud of the work you have all accomplished on behalf of the citizens and businesses of this great state.

Unfortunately, challenges and difficulties still face the state and our organization. I understand the frustrations of our stakeholders to the problems and evolving situations we are working daily to resolve. Often the hardest thing to do as a public servant leader is to step back and accept that you have done everything you can, and that it might be time to allow new leadership to take the reins and continue moving the agency successfully into the future. We have strong leadership at all levels throughout TxDMV and I have worked continuously to bring in and promote fresh perspectives and new ideas to compliment the experienced subject matter experts that we rely on to accomplish our mission and goals. 

As I step down from my position as Executive Director, I am pleased to announce that, effective immediately, Shelly Mellott, Deputy Executive Director, will serve as Acting Interim Executive Director until the board is able to deliberate on a permanent replacement. I am confident that Shelly’s experience and relationships throughout the department will ease this transition and serve you all in the coming days.

The hardest part of this transition is saying goodbye to all of you, knowing I will no longer be standing with you in the trenches and working daily towards a better Texas. I have confidence and take great comfort knowing that you will remain steadfast in our goal to provide exemplary and innovative customer service in our ever growing and changing state because you genuinely believe in what we do. You are true public servants, and it has been the privilege of a lifetime to be your executive director.  I know you will come together to support each other. One of the things that COVID-19 has made clear is how important it is to take care of each other and ourselves.  You will never be far from my thoughts, and I will always remain in your corner rooting for your success.

Do not doubt that there are great things ahead for the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.”


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