County Training Program - User Account Transfer and Completion History

Texas Department of Motor Vehicles

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As you are aware, Senate Bill 604, enacted by the 86th Legislature, added Transportation Code, Section 520.023.  The legislation required the department to implement a training program on the department’s automated registration and titling system and identification of fraudulent activity related to vehicle registration and titling.  This program went into effect on December 16, 2019, with the implementation of Registration and Title System (RTS) Release 9.5.  Effective September 1, 2020, any user who requires access to RTS must complete training related to the permissions they will be granted prior to the permissions being enabled.

Occasionally, county employees will change employment from one county tax assessor-collector’s office to another.  Once the user ends employment, the county should delete the employee’s RTS account and submit a request to delete the user’s associated eLearning account.  To minimize the impact on a county tax assessor-collector who has employed a former RTS user, the following guidelines are being implemented:

  1. If the transition of employment is immediate and the employee’s eLearning account has not been deleted, a request to transfer the account to the new county must be submitted to on the eLearning User Account Form.  Please ensure the transfer request is clear in the email sent containing the form.
  2. If the employee’s previous eLearning account has been deleted, a request for a new eLearning account must be submitted by the new county tax assessor-collector’s office.  The request must be submitted to on the eLearning User Account Form.  Additionally: 
    • If less than 90 days have passed since the employee left employment with their previous county tax assessor-collector’s office, contact the Regional Service Center (RSC) to advise of this situation.  The RSC will obtain a copy of the user’s previous eLearning history to facilitate collaboration between the county and the RSC to get the employee’s new RTS user profile updated with the previously completed training.
    • If 90 days or more have passed since they left employment with their previous county tax assessor-collector’s office, applicable training must be retaken.  The standard new user process applies, and no accommodations are available.

As a reminder, materials related to the County Training Program are located on the TAC Hub at under the “Training” tab.

Thank you,

Jeremiah Kuntz, Director
Vehicle Titles and Registration Division


If you have any questions concerning this communication, please contact your local TxDMV Regional Service Center.