TxDMV webDEALER/eTAG Update – Buyer Tags

Good morning,

On April 9, 2018, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles deployed an update to the webDEALER/eTAG system. Besides moving eTAG into webDEALER, this release also included several security enhancements.

One such enhancement relates to the issuance of multiple tags to the same vehicle. The updated system will not allow issuance of more than one Buyer Tag to the same vehicle identification number. This precaution helps protect motorists and reduces fraud.

You must void or supersede any active Buyer Tag prior to issuance of a new Buyer Tag to the same vehicle. Likewise, void any active Vehicle Specific Tag once that vehicle leaves your inventory, whether through a wholesale or retail transaction. This will ensure there is only one active tag per vehicle.

If you have any questions about this or other webDEALER/eTAG information, please contact your Regional Service Center.


Jeremiah Kuntz
Director, Vehicle Title and Registration
Texas Department of Motor Vehicles