UPDATE: Texas Disaster Areas Restricted from Oversize/Overweight Permit Travel

The TxDMV will not issue oversize/overweight permits for travel into or out of disaster areas (see map below) for loads not related to relief efforts. Only oversize and/or overweight vehicles involved in the relief efforts will be allowed to travel in the Hurricane Harvey affected areas. Active permits issued prior to the disaster will be extended as needed for travel at a later date.


Motor carriers transporting oversize and/or overweight loads for Hurricane Harvey disaster relief efforts have two options, the permit waiver per Gov. Gregg Abbott’s Declaration of Disaster or the MAP-21 Emergency Relief Permit per President Trump's Declaration of Disaster. Visit the following link for more details: http://www.txdmv.gov/harvey


Bee and Waller Counties are now open to all oversize/overweight vehicle and load travel.

Note: Map will continue to be updated as needed. 

Harvey County Restrictions