Movement of Oversize/Overweight Loads in Texas Disaster Area

The TxDMV will not issue oversize/overweight permits for travel into disaster areas for loads not related to relief efforts. Only oversize and/or overweight vehicles involved in the relief efforts will be allowed to travel in the Hurricane Harvey affected areas. Active permits issued prior to the disaster will be extended as needed for travel at a later date.

Motor carriers transporting oversize and/or overweight loads for Hurricane Harvey disaster relief efforts have two options:

  1. Permit Waiver per Gov. Greg Abbott’s Declaration of Disaster

Are you moving an oversize and/or overweight non-divisible load associated with activities related to the disaster and for which the TxDMV would normally issue a permit?

If yes, you are not required to obtain a permit at this time. Instead print the Governor’s waiver and carry it in your vehicle. The declaration is found here:

View and print the TxDMV’s Waiver Notice and important restrictions here:

Both documents are linked here:

If your load is overheight, you may use the “Bid Route” feature in the Texas Permitting and Routing Optimization System (TxPROS) at to route loads safely. Enter your height only and leave all other fields blank to use this feature during the Hurricane emergency. For information on other restrictions go here:

For a more accurate route than the bid route tool, contact us for routing assistance at 1-800-299-1700, option 2.

The Governor’s declaration waives all permitting requirements, including curfews and normal escort requirements. Vehicles may travel at night up to 10-feet wide without an escort and with front and rear escorts if exceeding 10-feet wide.

  1. MAP-21 Emergency Relief Permit per President Donald Trump’s Declaration of Disaster

If you are moving a load that is overweight only to:

  • Deliver a load that consists entirely of relief supplies. Relief supplies include but are not limited to medicine, medical equipment, food supplies (including for livestock), water, and materials for building temporary structures, or
  • Transport materials from the area, such as debris, in order to facilitate the delivery of relief supplies, provided the removal expedites the clearing of roadways, staging areas, or locations for temporary structures to facilitate delivery of relief supplies.

If so, you may self-issue a MAP-21 Emergency Permit through the Texas Permitting and Routing Optimization System (TxPROS).  Permit is not valid for loads leaving the area with exception of those removing debris.

A copy of the President’s declaration must be carried with the permit. The declaration can be found here:

The MAP-21 Emergency Permit allows for travel on all state and federal roads, including the interstate highway system. The permit may not be used for overwidth, overlength, or overheight loads.

See permit for a complete list of movement conditions and restrictions.