TDLR Health Monitor - October 2022

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Vol. 19 |  October 2022

Raising Awareness In October For Audiology, Dyslexia And Massage Therapy


October is National Audiology Awareness Month, which means now is a great time to learn about life changes that can help make for a better tomorrow. The American Academy of Audiology established National Audiology Awareness Month in 2008 to create public awareness of hearing loss induced by noise, and how to prevent and protect our hearing. Audiologists can help identify hearing problems and recommend a treatment solution for you or your family member.


October is also National Dyslexia Awareness Month. All across the country, communities will be making efforts to spotlight a range of dyslexic needs, struggles, and signs. Dyslexia is not a disorder of any kind, but is a learning impairment that causes difficulty with writing, reading, and spelling. The intelligence of dyslexic people is unaffected. This misunderstanding of the condition leads to stigmas, which Dyslexia Awareness Month aims to eradicate.


October includes a National Massage Therapy Awareness Week. For each of the past 19 years, the American Massage Therapy Association has celebrated Massage Therapy Awareness Week. The organization is the largest non-profit, professional association serving massage therapists and a respected name in the industry. This year will be no different, as they will dedicate the week of October 23-29 to be the 20th annual Massage Therapy Awareness Week!

Proposed Rule Amendments for Orthotists & Prosthetists

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TDLR has proposed amendments to an existing rule at 16 Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 114, §114.50 regarding the Orthotists and Prosthetists program.

The proposed amendments permit licensed orthotists and prosthetists to claim continuing education credit for completing the human trafficking prevention training required by Occupations Code, Chapter 116, and the jurisprudence examination required for initial licensure by Department rules.

The proposed rule was published in the September 16, 2022, issue of the Texas Register (47 TexReg 5564), and the public comment period ended on October 17, 2022. The rule proposal will be considered by the Texas Commission of Licensing and Regulation at a meeting in the near future. You can review the rule proposal online.

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88th Texas Legislature Convenes in January

At noon on January 10, 2023, the Texas Legislature will convene and the 88th Regular Session will begin. On that day, the Texas House of Representatives and the Texas Senate will both be “open for business.” 

While the session doesn’t officially start until January, pre-filing of bills begins on November 14, 2022.

During the 87th Regular Session, 6,927 bills were filed, and 1,073 bills passed. Since the last session was somewhat impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, we may see an increase in bills filed and passed this upcoming session.

Throughout the session, TDLR will track bills filed that, if enacted, would impact TDLR’s programs, and we will highlight those in future editions of the TDLR Health Monitor. Also, be sure to check TDLR’s website in the coming months for our dedicated page on the 88th Legislative Session.

Podiatry Applications Now Available Online

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Exciting things are happening behind the scenes in the Podiatry program! All initial and renewal license applications may now be submitted online – including doctor of podiatric medicine licenses, medical radiological technician licenses, nitrous oxide permits, and hyperbaric oxygen permits.  

TDLR urges all applicants and licensees to take advantage of the convenience, speed, and security that the new process offers.

Applicants must register as a new user and then select the program and license type for the license they wish to apply for or renew. Once the license type has been added to your account, you may continue with the application process. A step-by-step document has been created to assist you with the new application process.

License requirements have not changed but the process has. The new process even allows applicants and licensees to upload required documents to their online account, with the exception of transcripts and fingerprint results, which must be sent directly to the department by the issuing institution. Please visit the Podiatry Program webpage for more information.  

Interested in Becoming a Test Proctor for the HFD Practical Exam? We Need You


If you’ve been a licensed hearing instrument fitter and dispenser for at least two years and would like to help advance your profession, here is your chance. TDLR’s test vendor, PSI, administers the practical test at least three times per year and candidate spots fill up almost immediately. Having more test proctors would mean that more candidate spots would be available per exam or that more test dates could be offered per year. 

If you’ve been hesitant to sign up as a proctor because you don’t know what to expect, here’s more information. To qualify you must be licensed in good standing for at least two years. Once you are approved, you will need to observe three full practical tests, which can be completed in one day. Test sites are in Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Midland. Proctors are assigned to sites that are most convenient for them and receive compensation for their time.

On test administration days, proctors go to their assigned test site and check in. Upon check in, they receive a proctoring kit, which includes a test script and other information. The proctor reads the test script as the candidate progresses through the practical test and makes sure the candidate has all required equipment. 

If you are eligible to proctor, please consider signing up by completing this webform. On the form, under “Select a TDLR Program,” please select Hearing Instrument Fitters and Dispensers. Under “Select Type of Request,” select Exams. In the Message field, please say that you would like more information on becoming a HFD proctor and a staff member will contact you. If you would like more information on the practical test, please refer to the Candidate Information Bulletin.    

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TDLR Seeks Advisory Boards Members

TDLR has several advisory boards with open positions. Advisory board members provide important technical knowledge, industry expertise, and real-world insight regarding their profession to the Texas Commission of Licensing and Regulation and TDLR staff. Advisory board members include licensees, representatives from regulated businesses and industries, public members, and other professionals.

Advisory board members are appointed by the chairman with approval of the Commission. There is no financial compensation for membership; however, members who are selected to serve enjoy great satisfaction in knowing the significance of their membership and their impact on the professions they serve.

Open positions follow:

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Contractors Advisory Board, 6-year terms:

  • Official of Municipality with population not more than 250,000; term expires 02/01/2027
  • Official of Municipality with population greater than 250,000; term expires 02/01/2023

Architectural Barriers Advisory Committee, 3-year terms:

  • Two Consumer with Disabilities; terms expire 08/31/2024

Behavior Analyst Advisory Board, 6-year terms:

  • Public Member who is a parent or guardian of a current or former recipient of applied behavior analysis services; term expires 2/1/2025
  • Professional Member who is a Licensed Assistant Behavior Analyst; term expires 2/1/2025

Code Enforcement Officers Advisory Committee, 6-year terms:

  • Structural Engineer/Licensed Architect; term expires 02/01/2023

Dietitians Advisory Board, 6-year terms:

  • Two Public Members: terms expire 9/1/2027

Elevator Advisory Board, 3-year terms:

  • Public member/disabled; term expires 11/01/2025

Hearing Instrument Fitters and Dispensers Advisory Board, 6-year terms:

  • Public Member who is a Doctor of Otolaryngology; term expires 2/1/2027

Licensed Breeders Advisory Committee, 4-year terms:

  • Licensed Breeder; term expires 02/01/2023

Massage Therapy Advisory Board, 6-Year Terms:

  • Public Member; term expires: 9/1/2023

Midwives Advisory Board, 6-Year Terms:

  • Public Member; term expires: 1/31/2027

Orthotists and Prosthetists Advisory Board, 6-Year Terms:

  • Public Member who uses Orthosis; term expires: 2/1/2025

Registered Sanitarian Advisory Committee, 6-year terms:

  • Consumer; term expires: 02/01/27

Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists Advisory Board, 6-Year Terms:

  • Public member; term expires: 9/1/2027

Texas Water Well Drillers Advisory Council, 6-Year Terms:

  • Public member; term expires: 09/15/2024

Towing and Storage Advisory Board, 6-Year Terms:

  • Peace Officer/More than 1 million; term expires: 02/01/2027

Used Automotive Parts Recycling Advisory Board, 6-Year Terms:

  • Domestic Automotive Parts Business; term expires 02/01/2027

Advisory Board members participate in advisory board meetings and workgroup meetings, as needed.  Advisory board members may attend meetings virtually, through an online platform like Webex or Teams, and are no longer required to travel to attend meetings in person.

If you’re interested in becoming a member of an advisory board or committee, please submit an application. If you have any questions about the board application process, please contact the Office of Strategic Communication at

A Closer Look – Laser Hair Removal Program

laser hair

Closer look articles focus on program-specific topics that are based on questions received by our customer service representatives and by TDLR staff while conducting outreach activities. In this edition of the Health Monitor, we are taking a closer look at the Laser Hair Removal Program.

Question: My laser hair removal license is due for renewal; is a home-study training course acceptable for continuing education credit?

Answer: Yes, a home-study training course is acceptable for continuing education (CE) credit but there are certain criteria that must be met. The course must cover an acceptable topic and include an examination component. Additionally, the provider must issue a certificate of completion that includes the following:

  • name of the trainee/licensee;
  • date the training course was completed;
  • title of the training course;
  • name of the training provider; and
  • the number of completed hours.

If the training provider does not issue a certificate of completion with the required information listed on the certificate, the CE hours will not be accepted. Please visit the Laser Hair Removal Continuing Education webpage for a list of acceptable topics and other information.

LHR Applications Available Online

The following laser hair removal (LHR) applications are available for online submission:

  • LHR Apprentice-In-Training
  • LHR Technician
  • LHR Senior Technician
  • LHR Professional

Submitting an online application can cut your wait time by up to 75 percent compared to paper submissions. Don’t forget to attach the required documents to avoid additional delays.

Required Documents:

  • LHR Apprentice-In-Training – 40-hour training certificate from an approved training program
  • LHR Technician – Log sheets of 100 procedures supervised by a LHR Senior Technician or Professional
  • LHR Senior Technician – Log sheets of directly supervising 100 procedures, as audited by a Professional
  • LHR Professional – Proof of certification from a certifying entity approved by the department

Visit the Laser Hair Removal Program webpage for more information.

Meet TDLR Staff At Upcoming Conferences

aopa 2022

In the coming months, TDLR Medical and Health Professions staff will be available at a number of conferences and meetings across Texas to provide licensing and program information to attendees.

We hope to see you at one of these upcoming events:

TDLR is available to provide informational presentations and/or staff booths at your next conference or meeting. If you would like a TDLR representative at your next conference or meeting, send us an email

Upcoming Advisory Board and Commission Meetings

meeting mics

Until further notice, all advisory board meetings will be held via videoconference.

Did you know that we live broadcast all advisory board and Commission meetings on TDLR’s YouTube channel Commission meetings and all advisory board meetings will be held via videoconference? You can view live broadcasts or archived meetings on TDLR's YouTube channel. Meeting notices, agendas and staff reports are posted on the TDLR Meetings page

If you have subscribed to receive program updates, you will receive an email notice if there are any changes or when new meetings are scheduled. If you are not subscribed, you can do that here.