City of Dallas Animal Services to Begin Monitoring Bentley’s Specimen for Ebola

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October 19, 2014
Sana Syed - Public Information Office
(214) 846-0519

City of Dallas Animal Services to Begin Monitoring Bentley’s Specimen for Ebola

This week, the City of Dallas Animal Services is transitioning Bentley into a special kennel periodically for the proper collection of his urine and feces for monitoring and testing. He will only be placed in the special kennel during the specimen collection – and returned to his normal kenneling and routine immediately after the collection is completed. At this time, this specimen collection process is only expected to happen three times within the remainder of the quarantine period. This is the least invasive and safest way to conduct the testing process for Bentley. Bentley will be monitored for a full 21-day period, similar to people exposed to the Ebola virus.

The City of Dallas Animal Services is overseeing Bentley’s care in partnership with the state, Texas A&M University and the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS), the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Nina Pham, Bentley’s owner, continues to be cared for at the National Institutes of Health, NIH, in Maryland. The City of Dallas and DAS are communicating updates to Nina on the testing throughout the process.

On Saturday October 11, 2014 the City of Dallas Animal Services began what was quickly to become one of the most publicized animal rescues in the world. Dallas nurse Nina Pham was confirmed to have Ebola after caring for Thomas Duncan, the country’s first diagnosed Ebola patient. After her care and recovery, the next most important thing to Nina and her family was the safety and health of her beloved companion, Bentley.

City and county leaders recognized the strength of the human animal bond, and mobilized to ensure the ability to monitor Bentley in a safe and humane environment while in the City’s care.

Dallas Animal Services Manager Jody Jones and Dr. Cate McManus have been coordinating the logistics and care with the experts from state and national authorities. The city, state and Texas A&M team has been following guidelines with appropriate safety protocols being developed and refined by numerous experts. “Our goal has been to provide the highest level of safety and care to both Bentley and our community,” said Jones.

Specimen collection will be conducted periodically beginning October 20, with a final testing to be done at the conclusion of the 21-day quarantine period. “We are hopeful that Bentley’s journey will contribute to what we know about Ebola and dogs, since they play such an important role in so many peoples lives," said Dr. McManus.

Please click here for information about Dallas PETS (Pet Emergency Transition Services) fund, created to raise money for the care of Bentley and other pets in similar emergency situations in the future. Please follow Dallas Animal Services on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates on Bentley.