City of Dallas Wins 74th Annual All-America City Award for Creating Thriving Communities Through Youth Engagement in Denver, Colorado.

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Communications, Outreach and Marketing Press Release

June 12, 2023 


City of Dallas Wins 74th Annual All-America City Award for Creating Thriving Communities Through Youth Engagement in Denver, Colorado.

Denver, CO — The National Civic League honored Dallas, Texas on Sunday, among ten 74th Annual All-America City recipients.   

"We are happy to designate Dallas as an All-America City,” said National Civic League president Doug Linkhart. “Through their application and presentation, they showed that they are among the best in America at engaging youth and other residents to address important challenges." 

The achievement recognizes cities that demonstrate outstanding collaboration, innovation and community engagement. This year, the City of Dallas stood out for its exceptional efforts to engage youth in meaningful ways through the Dallas Youth Commission, the Welcoming Strategic Plan and the Dallas Cultural Plan.  

“We are elated to be named an All-America City by the National Civic League, especially this year because our youth are leading the way,” said Assistant City Manager Liz Cedillo-Pereira. “Youth leaders and our amazing community partners helped us tell the story of how Big D is seeking to center youth leadership."  

By involving youth in key initiatives and providing platforms for their voices to be heard, Dallas is cultivating an inclusive environment where youth are contributing to the betterment of the City. 

"Winning the All-America City Award is a testament to the incredible dedication and collaboration of our community, especially our youth. Dallas is a city that believes in our young people, and we are committed to empowering them to become active participants in shaping our city's future,” said City Manager T.C, Broadnax. “This recognition is a testament to the great strides we are making in fostering a thriving community for all." 

At the City of Dallas, initiatives to promote youth engagement that were highlighted in the All-America City Award include:  

  • Dallas Youth Commission strategic plan providing Council-appointed young individuals with a platform to engage with local government officials, community leaders, and policymakers. 
  • Welcoming Dallas Strategic Plan celebrating contributions of immigrants, promoting equitable access to government services, building trust with law enforcement, and increasing access to ESL and legal services; and 
  • Dallas Cultural Plan, which improved access to arts and culture by engaging residents and stakeholders in a robust cultural planning and arts engagement  

“This honor for the city of Dallas is a shining affirmation of the work that has been done and a clear message to whom we should look to as our most powerful assets in what’s ahead – our young people,” said Big Thought CEO Byron Sanders. “The best cities make space for the youths’ ideas, energy, and imagination. This win, our first in over half a century, shows when we elevate youth as equal partners, we get real solutions that can make us the city that our highest ideals call us toward. Big Thought was honored to play a part in helping represent the work that so many phenomenal people make come alive in Big D!” 

The City of Dallas winning the 74th Annual All-America City Award serves as an inspiration for other communities across the nation. By prioritizing youth engagement and providing opportunities for young individuals to thrive, Dallas has created a model for building stronger, more inclusive communities.  

“Thank you to the National Civic League, this award truly goes to show that the hard work we are doing every day in Dallas does not go unnoticed” said Dallas Youth Commission Chair, Ricardo Corpus, a Class of 2023 DISD graduate attending Texas Christian University in the Fall. 

About the City of Dallas: 

The City of Dallas, located in the heart of Texas, is a vibrant and diverse metropolis known for its thriving economy, rich cultural heritage and commitment to community development. With a population of over 1.3 million residents, Dallas is dedicated to creating an inclusive environment where every individual can prosper. 

About the National Civic League: 

The National Civic League advances inclusive civic engagement through our community assistance programs, including tools, trainings and facilitation services, award and recognition programs, and nationally recognized research and publications. We promote efforts that seek to listen to, and to learn from residents in ongoing conversations and leverage those insights to help reshape communities so they will thrive. 

The All-America City Award is made possible through the support of Southwest Airlines – the official airline of the All-America City Award, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, CGI Digital, MissionSquare Retirement, the Colorado Health Foundation, and many others.