[FISCAL NOTES] Federal Funding in Texas

Fiscal Notes: A Review of the Texas Economy from the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

Image showing the U.S. Capitol and its reflection on water.
Federal Funds: A Vital Part of Texas’ Budget
In the aftermath of this year’s deadly hurricane season, federal funding to states has become an increasingly hot topic. But disaster relief is only a small part of the whole; state governments depend on various grants from the federal government for about a third of their budgets, to support public education, health care, road construction and a host of other programs and projects.

But what determines how much we receive, and for what purposes? And how do we compare with other states? The November issue of Fiscal Notes examines federal funding in depth, showing how we rank with other states and where the money goes.

The new issue also discusses the rapidly growing world of “telemedicine” — various electronic devices and services that allow medical professionals to see, test, diagnose and prescribe for patients remotely, from dozens or hundreds of miles away. In a state such as Texas, with vast and thinly populated rural areas, telemedicine offers real opportunities to increase the quality and reduce the cost of medical care. Recent legislation will allow for the significant expansion of various health IT offerings in our state.