A Brand-New Website Coming Soon!


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Our office is hard at work redesigning and rebuilding our agency website, Comptroller.Texas.Gov. The new website will launch in the coming weeks, and we want to ensure you are prepared for the transition. 

  Image that reads "Comptroller.Texas.Gov: New Look. Built for You."

Watch Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar provide an overview of the recently developed site and highlight new customer-friendly features.

When the new Comptroller.Texas.Gov launches in coming weeks, you’ll be able to: 

  • access popular features quickly at a one-stop business center on the home page.
  • browse seamlessly for Comptroller content, as many of the agency’s program-specific websites are being consolidated into the main site.
  • find what you need from any page with a powerful, enhanced search function.
  • use any device — tablet, phone or computer — to browse our site.

With the new design, you can get in, get out and get back to business. Stay tuned to our current website and Facebook and Twitter accounts for updates on our progress.

A new look. Built for you.