Ward 6 Weekly Update 11/12/2021

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November 12, 2021

Homeless Services Facilities


This week, passed ordinance 21-33, amending the Legislative Code (ch 65 & 66) pertaining to homeless services facilities. It establishes guidelines for "Homeless Services Facilities", defined as a facility that provides services to persons experiencing homelessness, such as meals, counseling, education and practical assistance. These facilities differ from overnight shelters in that they primarily provide day spaces, but have the ability to provide overnight shelter within relevant capacity limits during declared wind chill advisory events. This helpful and necessary expansion of code will allow for more services to be provided to those in greatest need in our community. 

For more details, read the full resolution here

Pothole Reporting Community Event

Pothole Reporting Event

Join us TOMORROW (on Saturday, Nov 13th) from 9am-11am starting from the Arlington Hills Community Center for our second Pothole Reporting Event.

We will be going through St Paul streets and sidewalks creating a list of potholes that need patching, reporting them to Potholes@stpaul.gov. Report any potholes you notice at this same email year-round.

Register in advance for this event if you're able by emailing Ward6@stpaul.gov.

Snow Emergency Information

snow plow

There's snow in the forecast... Sign up for Saint Paul’s Snow Emergency alerts! 

When St Paul gets snowfall accumulation of more than 3 inches, the City may declare a Snow Emergency, which requires all residents and visitors to move their cars off the streets to allow City crews to plow the entire City, more than 1,800 lane miles, in the first 24 hours.

But did you know? Saint Paul’s Snow Emergency lasts 96 hours and has three phases: Night Plow Routes, Day Plow Routes, and Clean up. During this 96 hour period, you can report vehicles on your street that failed to move in time for the initial plowing by calling 651-266-9800. "Snowbird" vehicles will be ticketed, and towed if needed. These sections of road can then be re-plowed during the clean-up phase.

Residential side streets only get plowed during a Snow Emergency, so it’s critical that people move their cars for plows to get to the curb. To avoid a ticket, or tow, please follow all Snow Emergency parking rules.  Visit stpaul.gov/snow for more Snow Emergency information!. 

Vaccine Boosters and Child Doses

vaccine booster

Are you eligible for your COVID-19 booster shotEligibility status is dependent on which initial vaccine you received, your age, and underlying medical conditions. Officials have authorized 'mixing and matching' COVID-19 vaccine boosters, meaning anybody who is eligible to get a booster shot can get either the Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson booster shot regardless of what they received for their primary series.

kids vaccinated

Saint Paul-Ramsey County Public Health is offering vaccines for children age 5 -11. Minnesotans age 5 to 17 are eligible only for the Pfizer vaccine. Parent or guardian consent is required for COVID-19 vaccination for people younger than 18 years old. Stay up to date on who is getting vaccinated

covid vaccine

Saint Paul-Ramsey County Public Health has opened its COVID-19 vaccination clinics to the general public. Ramsey County is offering Pfizer and Moderna booster shots at clinics by appointment only. Registration is available online or individuals can call Ramsey County Public Health’s vaccine phone line at 651-266-1190 (Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.) with questions or to get help. Up to $100 in gift cards are being offered!

COVID Community Coordinators (CCCs) are community-based organizations that connect Minnesota’s diverse communities to COVID testing, vaccination, and other resources. CCCs support Minnesotans who need COVID-19 information specific to their communities, including in their languages. Coordinators help community members find and get critical resources to deal with health concerns, as well as employment, food access, housing, child care, and legal rights. Search for a COVID Community Coordinator that fits your needs.

COVID-19 Testing Update

covid swab

The State of Minnesota and Ramsey County have opened COVID-19 testing sites that are free and open to everyone who believes they need to be tested, with or without symptoms.

The COVID-19 Test at Home program is now available to all Minnesotans across the state. 

The State of Minnesota offers community testing at multiple locations. Currently, the closest Saint Paul locations include Roy Wilkins Auditorium and the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport in Terminal 1. Appointments can be made through the Vault Health registration site. Walk-ins are also accepted. 

Additional testing locations are open throughout the state. 

Contact Us

Email: ward6@stpaul.gov

Phone: 651-266-8660

Facebook: NelsieYangWard6

Twitter: @NelsieYangCM

Meet & Greet phone call appointments are available on Thursdays.  Register online at stpaul.gov/ward6.

St Paul Business Awards

St Paul Business Award

Show your favorite Saint Paul business some love and nominate them for a 2021 Business Award. The Awards recognize local businesses that provide critical services, contribute to the City's community, invest in their employees and are committed to Saint Paul's values of equity and diversity. Winners are selected in 4 unique categories: Good Neighbor Award, Traditions Award, People’s Choice Award, and New Kid on the Block Award. Visit stpaul.gov/business-awards for more information and to nominate a business today!

Take the 2022 Budget Survey

2022 budget

There is still time to share your thoughts on the 2022 budget! Take the budget survey here, available through November 30th

Need Help with Rent?

Rent Help

Families First Housing Pilot Program.
 Giving kids a stable home to study and learn in is more essential than ever. If you need help with rent, check out the City of Saint Paul’s Families First Housing Pilot. Qualified Saint Paul families receive $300/month in rent assistance for three years.

Hmong: Yuav kawm kom paub ntau ntxiv txog txoj hauj lwm Families First Housing Pilot, mus saib hauv stpaul.gov/families-first.

Somali: Si aad wax dheeraad ah uga ogaato Families First Housing Pilot, booqo stpaul.gov/families-first.

Spanish: Para obtener más información sobre el programa Piloto para la Vivienda Family First, visite stpaul.gov/families-first.

Karen: လၢ ကမၤလိအါထီၣ်ဘၣ်ဃးဒီး Families First ဟံၣ်ဃီတၢ်ရဲၣ်တၢ်ကျဲၤအဂီၢ်, လဲၤကွၢ်ဖဲ stpaul.gov/families-first.