Ward 6 Weekly Update 11/4/2021

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November 4, 2021

Passage of Tobacco Ordinance


This week, we at St Paul City Council unanimously passed the new Tobacco Ordinance!  This is a huge win for the health and safety of our community. For too long, the tobacco industry has continued to profit from the lives of our community members, targeting people of color, low-income communities, and children.

This ordinance limits the number of tobacco licenses allowed in St Paul, sets a distance requirement of 1/2 mile between tobacco sale locations, sets a minimum price for cigarette packs, prevents the sale of menthol-flavored tobacco at liquor stores, and increases penalties for those who sell tobacco to those underage. 

I want to thank the Association for Non-Smokers Minnesota (ANSR) for their work bringing this ordinance forward. I want to lift up some of the many supporters of this ordinance, including the Minnesota Public Health Association, Allina Health, HealthPartners, BlueCross BlueShield, the Hmong Public Health Association, the Minnesota Cancer Alliance, the American Lung Association, Clearway Minnesota, Tobacco Free Alliance, Sierra Leone Aid Initiative, St Paul - Ramsey County Public Health,  the Ramsey County Board of Commissioners, and the Saint Paul Youth Commission. 

The ordinance will go into effect 30 days after it's adoption, which will be mid-December. 

Changes proposed to the Saint Paul Tobacco ordinance:

1) Change to two classes of tobacco licenses: Tobacco Shop, locations like convenience stores that sell tobacco along with other products and Tobacco Products Shop, locations that primarily sell tobacco.

2) The distance between locations which sell tobacco is one-half mile. This provision does not impact renewal of existing licenses.

3) The cap on the number of Tobacco Shop licenses is 150 and the cap on the number of Tobacco Products Shops is 25.

4) Liquor stores are no longer be able to sell any flavored tobacco products including menthol flavor. Non-flavored products are still allowed. 

5) The minimum price for packs of cigarettes or standard size cans of chewing tobacco is set at $10.00. Coupons or price promotions are no longer able to be used to reduce the price of any tobacco products including vape products.

7) Penalties for violations of age-of-sale and sale of flavored tobacco products are increased.

Read the full resolution here

Serve on the Planning Commission


Apply to serve on the Planning Commission.
 The Planning Commission makes recommendations on city plans and decisions about zoning that impact how Saint Paul lives, works, and plays. The Planning Commission has one vacancy in Ward 2 (West Side, West 7th, Downtown or Summit Hill), Ward 5 (North End, Como, Payne Phalen), and Ward 6 (Payne Phalen, Greater East Side), and two vacancies in Ward 4 (Hamline Midway, Union Park, St. Anthony Park). Individuals who reflect Saint Paul's diversity are encouraged to apply. The deadline to apply is Nov. 24. 

Federal Child Tax Credit

Child Tax Credit

Do you have kids? You could be eligible for up to $3,600 per child with the Federal Child Tax Credit. Sign up is still going on through November 15th at GetCTC.org!  If you need help, Prepare + Prosper can help you for free to claim your credit now if you:

    • Aren’t required to file taxes (earn less than $12,400 if single or $24,800 if married filing jointly)
    • Haven’t filed taxes this year
    • Have a valid Social Security (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)
    • Your child has a Social Security Number

Make an appointment to meet virtually or over the phone. 

"Kids Deserve a Shot" Vaccine Incentive Program

Kids Deserve a Shot Program

Governor Walz announced the launch of “Kids Deserve a Shot,” a vaccine incentive program encouraging 12-17-year-olds in Minnesota to get fully vaccinated against COVID-19. The program consists of two sets of rewards: a $200 Visa gift card for 12-17-year-olds who start and complete their vaccine series over the between October 18 and November 30, and five drawings of $100,000 Minnesota college scholarships for any 12-17 years old in Minnesota with a complete vaccine series.

The “Kids Deserve a Shot” program comes as the state continues to drive vaccination efforts and awareness across the state, with a focus on boosting vaccination among this least-vaccinated age group. It is designed to encourage teenagers to get vaccinated and increase vaccination rates among adolescents. Currently, only 50% of Minnesotans 12-15 and less than 60% of Minnesotans 16-17 are fully vaccinated, the lowest vaccination rates of all eligible age groups.

Full program details and rules and online registration are available at https://mn.gov/covid19/vaccine/vaccine-rewards/kids-deserve-a-shot/.

People can get their free COVID vaccine by walking in or make an appointment through the Vaccine Connector. Call the Minnesota Department of Health COVID-19 Public Hotline at 1-833-431-2053, Mon.-Fri., 9 a.m.-7 p.m. and Sat., 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Use the state’s Vaccine Locator Map to find a vaccine provider near you. Check for vaccine appointments using the Vaccine Finder.

Boost Your Immunity

Vaccine Booster

Minnesota will begin administering Moderna and Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 booster shotsto eligible Minnesotans in line with federal guidance issued from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

Minnesotans who initially received the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine can now get a booster at least six months after their initial series if they are:

    • 65 years and older;
    • Age 18 and older and live in long-term care settings;
    • Age 18 and older and have underlying medical conditions;
    • Age 18 and older and work or live in high-risk settings;

All Minnesotans age 18 and older who got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine are recommended to get a booster shot at least 2 months after their initial vaccine.

Officials also authorized 'mixing and matching' COVID-19 vaccine boosters, meaning anybody who is eligible to get a booster shot can get either the Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson booster shot regardless of what they received for their primary series.

Ramsey County is offering Pfizer booster shots at clinics. Booster shots will be available by appointment only. Note that not all providers are offering all three boosters. Please check with your local clinic or provider for what booster shots they offer.

COVID-19 Testing Update

covid swab

The State of Minnesota and Ramsey County have opened COVID-19 testing sites that are free and open to everyone who believes they need to be tested, with or without symptoms.

The COVID-19 Test at Home program is now available to all Minnesotans across the state. 

The State of Minnesota offers community testing at multiple locations. Currently, the closest Saint Paul locations include Roy Wilkins Auditorium and the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport in Terminal 1. Appointments can be made through the Vault Health registration site. Walk-ins are also accepted. 

Additional testing locations are open throughout the state. 

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Pothole Reporting Community Event

Pothole Reporting Event

Join in our Pothole Reporting Event on November 13th from 9a-11a. Meet at the Arlington Hills Community Center (1200 Payne Ave)

We will be going through St Paul streets and sidewalks creating a list of potholes that need patching, reporting them to Potholes@stpaul.gov. Report any potholes you notice at this same email year-round.

Register in advance for this event if you're able by emailing Ward6@stpaul.gov

St Paul Business Awards

St Paul Business Awards

Nominate a business for the 2021 Saint Paul Business awardsDo you have a favorite Saint Paul business that you want to see recognized for their contributions to the community and the city’s economy? Businesses are selected to geographically represent Saint Paul’s rich and diverse communities. Nominations are due Friday, Dec. 3 by 4:30 p.m.

Need Help with Rent?

Rent Help

Families First Housing Pilot Program.
 Giving kids a stable home to study and learn in is more essential than ever. If you need help with rent, check out the City of Saint Paul’s Families First Housing Pilot. Qualified Saint Paul families receive $300/month in rent assistance for three years.

Hmong: Yuav kawm kom paub ntau ntxiv txog txoj hauj lwm Families First Housing Pilot, mus saib hauv stpaul.gov/families-first.

Somali: Si aad wax dheeraad ah uga ogaato Families First Housing Pilot, booqo stpaul.gov/families-first.

Spanish: Para obtener más información sobre el programa Piloto para la Vivienda Family First, visite stpaul.gov/families-first.

Karen: လၢ ကမၤလိအါထီၣ်ဘၣ်ဃးဒီး Families First ဟံၣ်ဃီတၢ်ရဲၣ်တၢ်ကျဲၤအဂီၢ်, လဲၤကွၢ်ဖဲ stpaul.gov/families-first.

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Budget Survey

The budget survey is available now through November 30th. Take the survey to share your views on St Paul's values and priorities. Click here to take the survey directly.