Weekly Update from Ward 6 (May 7, 2021)

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May 7, 2021

City Council Approves Resolution Requesting Review of Ramsey Co Sheriff Conduct

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St Paul City Council will be requesting the State of Minnesota Peace Officers Standards and Training Board to evaluate Ramsey County Sheriff Fletcher’s livestream video production, "Live On Patrol", to determine if it violates Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office Policy and the MN police code of conduct. 

Ramsey County Sheriff Fletcher has been, without invitation, personally patrolling the streets of Saint Paul. Since mid-year 2020, the Sheriff has been social media to broadcast dash-camera style videos of his “tours” as a crudely-produced reality livestream show called “LIVE On-Patrol”.

Numerous community members have reached out to Saint Paul and Ramsey County with concerns about the legal parameters and implications of the Sheriff’s livestream show. Specifically, the show has recorded Sheriff Fletcher's patrol decisions and actions which have been characterized as reckless and in violation of both the official policies of both Saint Paul Police and Ramsey County Sheriff Departments.

The Sheriff has violated pursuit protocols, has driven dangerously and erratically, and has dismissed requests to call off pursuit. One of the Sheriff’s broadcasts recorded him instructing his assistant to withhold a portion of the recording while he was driving the wrong way up a one-way street, saying, “Keep that off, OK? The wrong way part."

The Sheriff is often patrolling in uniform but not wearing the body camera that both the police and sheriff’s department require as part of patrol uniform. The Sheriff intervened in a domestic violence action without backup support and without body camera, and the Sheriff was injured in the altercation.

In 2020, both Paramount Network (with their show COPS) and A&E Network (with their show LIVE PD) made a decision to cancel similar livestream programs amid nationwide protests against police brutality and stated that they will seek “ways to better tell the stories of the community and police officers".

THEREFORE the Saint Paul City Council requests the State of Minnesota Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) Board take appropriate action to determine if the Sheriff’s patrol and pursuits are in violation of Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office Policy and the MN police code of conduct. We request the POST Board employ an independent industry expert to evaluate the publicly available dash-camera footage of the livestream show as well as the narrative of the Sheriff and the part-time employee who rides in his passenger seat to determine if the Sheriff’s patrol and pursuits are in violation of Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office Policy and the MN peace officers’ code of conduct.

You can read the full resolution and listen to the discussion during the St Paul City Council meeting from Wed, May 5th, 2021, item #19. 

Have You Gotten Your COVID Vaccination Yet? 

Roll Up Your Sleeves, MN. Stay Safe MN.

Saint Paul-Ramsey County Public Health vaccination clinics are open to the general public age 18 and older.
Public Health is now offering the two-dose Moderna vaccine for those 18 years and older at three clinics each week in Saint Paul and New Brighton. The vaccine is free, no medical insurance or ID needed. If registering for a first dose, you must be available for the second dose 28 days later. Locations:

  • Oxford Community Center, 270 Lexington Pkwy N, St. Paul on Saturdays in May;
  • Wellstone Community Center, 179 Robie Street E, St. Paul on Mondays in May;
  • New Brighton Community Center.

For details and to register visit ramseycounty.us/covid-19-vaccine.

For questions or help call Ramsey County Public Health vaccine phone line 651-266-1190, Monday - Friday 8 AM - 4:30 PM.

Vaccination Clinics for Individuals with Disabilities and their Caregivers

Wednesday May 5th, 10 AM - 12 PM at New Challenges, Inc., 4670 Slate Road, Eagan.

Link to register https://phappt.co.dakota.mn.us/reg/1560226904

Take the MN Affordable Housing Plan Survey

Affordable Housing Plan

Your input is needed to help develop MN Housing's 2022-2023 Affordable Housing Plan -- Take This Survey

The Affordable Housing Plan is Minnesota Housing’s biennial business plan. It supports the vision and priorities outlined in this Strategic Plan. The Affordable Housing Plan includes information on the policy, program and operational initiatives that will be carried out over the next two years. You can see the current 2020-2021 Housing Plan here

Please give your input by responding to the survey! The survey shouldn’t take more than 5-10 minutes and will remain open through Friday, May 21

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Thanks for Joining In! 

Our Pothole Reporting event last week was a success! Thank you to those who joined in. We reported over 40 potholes to Public Works. Repair work started last month, and will continue through the spring and summer. If you see potholes that are in need of repair, report them by email to potholes@stpaul.gov or by phone to 651-266-9700.