Busy upcoming week in Ward 3

St. Paul Ward 3 Update

October 1, 2017

 Happy October!


This week my colleagues voted for a maximum levy of 7.94% in 2017.  I voted against this proposal. Originally the city was looking at 3-4% property tax levy increase; however, with the inaction at the State Legislature, St. Paul was not allocated $3 million in local government aid that we had anticipated in our budget.  As a result, the revised levy increase proposed by the Mayor was 6.94%- - an increase hard to swallow, but necessary, given the hold out on LGA funding, and not wanting to cut services.  To raise it beyond that, in my opinion was not necessary and added too much of a burden on property tax payers.  It is my belief that we should be looking for ways to go below 6.94%, not above it, but the 7.94% was supported by a majority of my colleagues on the council.  


Ward 3 continues to pay the highest property taxes in the City. As I mentioned in my last newsletter, just because a levy increase is proposed, does not necessarily mean your taxes will go up. In the past year the City’s property tax base has increased 7.9%, while at the same time the home values in Macalester Groveland and Highland have only increased 3.9% and 5.2%, respectively. This means that other neighborhoods in the City are now sharing more of the tax burden, and depending on the final levy increase and the budget decisions of the County and School District, you could see your property taxes remain flat.


I will continue to work with my colleagues and the Mayor to find cost savings in the budget. I am hopeful we can get down below a 7% levy increase, while continuing to provide first class public safety services, as well as exceptional service at our parks, libraries, and across the city.


This upcoming week is a busy one for Ward 3 with the Snelling Zoning Study kickoff, the Fall Walk to School Day and more. I hope to see you at one of these important events. If we miss each other, feel free to email or call my office. I am always happy to hear your thoughts and ideas.

Snelling Ave South Zoning Study Kickoff Meeting


October 4th, 6:30-8:00PM

MidPointe Event Center

415 Pascal St. N.,

Saint Paul, MN 55104


The region’s first Bus Rapid Transit Line, the A-Line began service this past June. To take advantage of the improved transit service, and at the request of multiple district councils, the Saint Paul Planning Commission initiated a formal zoning study along Snelling Avenue and its intersecting arterials from Interstate 94 to Ford Parkway. Come learn about what a zoning study is and share your thoughts about what sort of development you would like to see along Snelling. This will be the first of many opportunities to share your thoughts before zoning decisions are made. We are early in the process and no decisions have been made at this time.


Fall Walk/Bike To School Day

October 5

Multiple Locations



Growing on this past May’s successful Randolph-Hamline Walk/Bike to School Day, two different neighborhoods in Ward 3 are hosting Walk/Bike to School Days on October 5. All together six different schools are participating; Randolph Heights, Expo Elementary, Holy Spirit, Highland Park Elementary, Horace Mann and Highland Catholic. Local businesses like the Highland Bruegger’s are offering special deals and treats for students. Check out the events and commit to walking or biking Wednesday as well.



Public Hearing on Liquor Store Hours Change

October 5, 5:30PM

City Hall, Council Chambers

15 Kellogg Blvd

Saint Paul, MN 55102


As you may have read in the last newsletter, my office solicited input on changing the allowable liquor store closing hours from 8PM Monday-Thursday and 10PM Friday and Saturday to 10PM Monday-Saturday. After receiving largely supportive feedback, I decided to bring forward the ordinance change. This Wednesday at 5:30 the City Council will hold a public hearing on the proposed ordinance. Feel free to come testify, or call or email my office with your thoughts.


Public Open House on Saint Paul's First Universally Accessible Playground

October 5, 6-8PM, formal presentation at 6:30

Palace Rec Center, Community Room

781 Palace Ave

Saint Paul, MN


Over the past year, my office has been part of a team working to build the first Universally Accessible Playground in Saint Paul. Right now many families must travel to the suburbs to find a safe place to play. This important asset will ensure that all children are welcomed here in Saint Paul. Since July a small working group has been designing the playground. This Wednesday they will unveil their plans at an open house and take suggestions and feedback. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this momentous project.

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I had the opportunity to participate in Twin Cities Startup Week. Check out this great video about the technology industry and its history here in Minnesota.



Wednesday the City of Saint Paul passed a resolution to review and revise our Capital Improvement Budget (CIB) Process. Currently the CIB process requires small neighborhood projects to compete against large department projects like Fire Stations. Projects often have to be submitted for several years before they are funded, and the City lacks long-range plans for maintaining and restoring its current facilities. Over the next year we hope to streamline this process and make it work better for residents and the City.

Walking Summit

City of Saint Paul selected as host for the 2017 Walking Summit. Help us showcase the great #walkability of St. Paul by submitting a proposal.