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For many, Labor Day marks the beginning of transitions as summer comes to a close and children begin going back to school, but there are still things to do in downtown Renton like visiting the Farmers Market or supporting your local business. Visit to see what’s happening around Renton week to week.

Crews for the Wells-Williams Conversion Project and Downtown Utility Improvement Project will not be working over Labor Day weekend.


Please plan ahead for detours as we rebuild the northside of intersections on S 2nd St at Williams Ave S and Wells Ave S.  We may implement the northside detours as early as September 7.  

intersection detour map

Please follow posted signs and directions from flaggers for safe access.

Stormwater work will close the intersection of S 3rd St and Shattuck Ave S through next week, requiring a detour from Rainier Ave S along S 3rd Pl and S 4th St to access points east of the closure. Please follow signs for local business access routes.

DUIP Detour map


downtown projects map


1. Rebuilding the northside intersections on S 2nd St at Williams Ave S and Wells Ave S

We have substantially completed rebuilding the southside intersections on S 2nd St at Williams Ave S and Wells Ave S. As soon as Tuesday, September 7, the contractor will flip the cul-de-sacs to the northside of the intersections and begin working on the northside. Work will begin with the demolishing and removing of the old intersection concrete. Two-way cul-de-sacs will continue to be in place to maintain local access to businesses leading up to the intersection closure. The map above details the northside detour that will be in place while the contractor is actively working to rebuild the northside intersection.

This work is weather dependent.

Finished concrete work on the southside of S 2nd St at Wells Ave S.

Finished concrete panels harden and cure at S 2nd St and Wells Ave S.

2. Construction continues on S 2nd St and S 3rd St

We’re continuing work on S 2nd St and 3rd St between Main Ave S and Burnett Ave S.

Through traffic on both S 2nd St and S 3rd St will continue to be reduced to a single-lane to avoid confusion at the all-way stops.

3. Stormwater work on Shattuck Ave S and S 3rd St


Beginning Sept. 2 through Sept. 9, DUIP is installing new stormwater utilities in the intersection of Shattuck Ave S and S 3rd St. This involves trenching and pipe installation work on both streets, as well as in the intersection and cutting across S 3rd St. As a result, the intersection will be closed and a detour route in place for the duration of this work. Drivers will be asked to use S 3rd Pl and S 4th St, as well as local business access routes to access points east of the closure as shown in the detour map above. This detour will be in effect through next week during daytime hours, with lanes opened up each evening.


4. Sewer casing on Whitworth Ave S


Yesterday, Sept. 2, crews began sawcutting of pavement in preparation for installation of a sewer casing next week.  Tuesday September 7, crews will begin digging bore pits for installation of the sewer casing underneath major water lines. Work is expected to last through the rest of the week, and is the first step before additional sewer main improvements along Whitworth Ave S (see more in Upcoming work, below). Vehicle access to local businesses and buildings, and sidewalk and pedestrian access will be maintained. Street parking will be unavailable for public use for the duration of this work. Alternate parking is available in the City Center Parking Garage or along S 3rd St. 


5. Stormwater work on Morris Ave S


As soon as Sept. 10 we will begin preparation for stormwater utility improvements on Morris Ave S. This will include potholing (to locate utilities) and sawcutting in preparation for trenching and pipe installation during the week of September 13.


Storm on S 3rd St

Beginning the week of September 13, we will begin stormwater utility installation on S 3rd St, moving east between Shattuck Ave S and Morris Ave S on the north side of S 3rd St. Street parking will be affected, but access will be maintained on S 3rd St, with a travel lane open on the south side of the street. This phase of work is expected to last into October.

Sewer on Whitworth Ave S

Later on in September we will begin sewer utility improvements on Whitworth Ave S between S 2nd and S 3rd streets. Vehicle access will be maintained with some lane restrictions. Please follow posted signage for safe access. Street parking will be closed along Whitworth Ave S. Alternate parking is available in the City Center Parking Garage or along S 3rd St. 

Grinding and paving S 3rd St

In the coming weeks, the contractor plans to grind S 3rd St between Burnett Ave S and Main Ave S to prepare for new pavement. We will likely pave overnight to minimize the disruption. We will keep you up to date as we learn more.

Parking sign

The City Center Parking Garage offers free parking for access to downtown businesses through December of this year and can also be used by residents during construction. The garage is accessible between 5 a.m. and 11 p.m., Sunday through Thursday, and from 5 a.m. to 1 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. Overnight parking is allowed during our construction efforts, but please note that all garage doors are locked outside of these hours. In addition, street parking is available on S 3rd St.

Thank you, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 425-363-1007 or email or    

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