Downtown Renton Construction: Reopening Shattuck Ave S & S 3rd St intersection tonight

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Great News Everyone!

Today we began paving restoration between Shattuck Ave S and Morris Ave S, including the intersection of S 3rd St and Shattuck Ave S, which is currently closed. During this intersection closure, we re-activated our detour from Rainier Ave S to S 3rd Pl and S 4th St.  Given the high temperatures we are experiencing today, the road will be closed into the evening as the asphalt cools. We will re-open the intersection as soon as it is safe to do so, but it may not be until later tonight after the outside temperatures drop. We expect the intersection AND S 3rd Street between Shattuck Ave S and Burnett Ave S to be fully open for the weekend.

Thank you to everyone who has been patient with us. We look forward to celebrating this milestone with you all.

DUIP detour map

Noted street closures are daytime closures during construction hours. A minimum of one lane will be open on S 3rd St after construction hours. Please follow posted signs and directions from flaggers for safe access.


current construction map


1. Sidewalk work on S 2nd St at Williams Ave S and Wells Ave S

Our concrete subcontractor is continuing to pour the curbs, gutters and sidewalks on S 2nd St at Wells Ave S and Williams Ave S.

People walking will be detoured into adjacent curbside parking and have their path distinguished by using “hurdles” and traffic cones.

concrete panel pour pic

After pouring a concrete panel, crews continue preparing the remaining panels for concrete by building the forms that hold the concrete.

2. Construction continues on S 2nd St and S 3rd St

We’re continuing utility work on S 2nd St and other work on S 3rd St.  Our contractor is applying sealant to new sidewalk joints to help protect them from the elements and extend their lifespan. Please be extra careful when walking downtown and follow the pedestrian detours in the adjacent curbside parking around the corners.

Through traffic on both S 2nd St and S 3rd St will continue to be reduced to a single-lane to avoid confusion at the all-way stops.

Our intersection work on S 2nd St at Williams Ave S and Wells Ave S is planned for mid-August. The start date of this work is dependent on substantial completion of our underground utility and sidewalk work on S 2nd St. Detours will be in place while we rebuild the southside of the intersection, followed by detours for the northside intersection closure.  


Sealant is applied to the concrete gaps to prevent water and vegetation from coming into contact with the concrete foundation and eroding it over time.

3. Sewer Utility Work on S 3rd St

DUIP continues installation of the new sewer main between Rainier Ave S and Shattuck Ave S, with one through lane of traffic maintained on S 3rd St. This work is expected to continue for the next 2-3 weeks, after which, we will make the final sewer connection for the third street sewer at the intersection of Rainier Ave S and S 3rd Street.

4. Storm Utility work on S 2nd St

This week, DUIP began storm utility work on S 2nd St between Morris Ave S and Shattuck Ave S. We began work at S 2nd St and Shattuck Ave S and will move east towards Morris Ave S. During construction, S 2nd St will be reduced to two lanes on the south side of the street.


Utility Work on S 3rd St and Rainier Ave S Night Work

In a few weeks, we will return to the intersection S 3rd St and Rainier Ave S, take advantage of reduced nighttime traffic and utilize night work to install the sewer main from the S 3rd St through Rainier Ave S. This work is scheduled from 9 p.m. – 5 a.m. and is anticipated for 3-5 nights. Anticipate “permanent” lane reductions in all directions during work hours until this phase of the work is done. Please follow posted signs and directions from flaggers for safe access.

Thank you, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 425-363-1007 or email or    

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