Downtown Renton Construction: Watch your step; avoid the sticky sealant!

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Watch your step!

Dragon footprintsSealing sidewalks helps protect them so they last longer. Sealant is sticky though and if you accidentally step in it, not only will you ruin your shoes, but any footprints you leave will be permanent.

Which is why we plan to start sealing sidewalk joints early in the morning over the next two weeks, while downtown isn’t as busy. We plan start on S 3rd St at Williams Ave S, tomorrow morning. Thankfully, sealing is quiet, and we’ll wait to do any louder work, until after 7 AM.

Please be extra careful when walking downtown and follow the pedestrian detours in the adjacent curbside parking, around the corners.

Ped Detours

Follow pedestrian detours distinguished by “hurdles” and traffic cone.

Two-Way Cul-De-Sac on Wells Ave S and Williams Ave S Start Tomorrow

As part of the ongoing utility work, we plan to test the water line on S 2nd St. Given the complexity of this work, we’re planning to expand the work zone starting tomorrow and through the end of the week. During this work, Wells Ave S and Williams Ave S will each operate as a two-way cul-de-sac between S 2nd St and S 3rd St to maintain access to local businesses.

Local Traffic Only 

What does local and business access mean?

Anyone can still drive and park on the block leading up to the intersection. You just can’t drive through the intersection.

Friday Intersection Closure at S 3rd St and Shattuck Ave S for Paving

Sewer installation work on S 3rd St is ongoing between Rainier Ave S and Shattuck Ave S, with one through lane of traffic maintained on S 3rd St. Paving restoration between Shattuck Ave S and Morris Ave S is schedule for Friday, July 30th. The intersection of S 3rd St and Shattuck Ave S for paving on Friday, July 30th. During this intersection closure, we will re-activate our detour from Rainier Ave S to S 3rd Pl and S 4th St. We expect the intersection to be back open for the weekend.

Temporary business access reroute on Friday, 7/30:

S 3rd St Detour

In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to call 425-363-1007 if you have questions or you need assistance with large deliveries.

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