Administrative Procedure and Board Policy Update: October 2020


October 2020

Prince George's County Public Schools

The PGCPS Administrative Directive System is dedicated to assisting school system employees in the effective and consistent performance of their duties.

In an effort to keep employees informed regarding substantive Administrative Procedure (AP) and Board Policy changes, the Office of General Counsel will provide regular updates via this e-newsletter.  All Administrative Procedures and Board Policies are available on the PGCPS website.

For your information, the following Board Policy and Administrative Procedures were added or updated last month:

  • Board Policy 5210 - Policy Against Systemic Meal-Shaming (The No More      SHAME Policy)
  • Administrative Procedure 4175 - Retroactive Wage Payments
  • Administrative Procedure 4215 - Criminal History Checks
  • Administrative Procedure 5143 - Bullying, Harassment or Intimidation 
  • Administrative Procedure 6139 - Test Security and Data Reporting
  • Administrative Procedure 8391 -  Boundary Changes

Board Policy 5210 - Policy Against Systemic Meal-Shaming (The No More SHAME Policy)

PURPOSE:  To serve as an encompassing measure that directs the development of administrative procedures to: 1. prohibit the act of meal shaming during all meal-related interactions that involve students through, but not limited to, employee professional development and fiscal allocation through the operating budget; 2. empower the Chief Executive Officer with the ability to develop appropriate, both operationally and fiscally, administrative directives to establish a Universal Meals Program; and 3. codify a specific funding account to accept charitable stakeholder giving for the purpose of addressing communal food insecurity.

Board Policy 5210 is a new policy. Additional information regarding procedures for students without funds for lunch during normal school operations is available under Administrative Procedure 5080.

For more information, contact the Department of Food and Nutrition Services.

AP 4175 - Retroactive Wage Payments

PURPOSE:  To provide procedures that set a time frame in which Prince George’s
County Public Schools (PGCPS) will provide issuance of retroactive wage payments.

Changes to AP 4175 include:

  • New reference to Board Policy; and
  • Updated procedures for requesting retropay and required approval from the Chief Human Resources Officer and Chief Financial Officer for any retropay prior to the current fiscal year.

For more information, contact the Human Resources Office.

AP 4215 - Criminal History Checks, Employee Self-Reporting of Arrests, Criminal Charges, CPS Investigations and Findings & Incarceration

PURPOSE:  To provide procedures to ensure that a criminal history background check,
child protective service clearance and Safe Schools training is completed for any person
authorized to have contact with students and prior to the individual having contact with
any student(s). Such persons include, but are not limited to employees, contractors,
volunteers, interns and mentors. Additionally, to give guidance to employees on self-reporting of arrests, CPS indicated status for abuse or neglect, criminal charges and

Changes to AP 4215 include: 

  • New AP title and background section;
  • Revised language regarding ineligibility for employment or volunteering;

  • New section describing requirements for employees to self-report arrests, convictions, CPS findings and incarceration, etc.; and 

  • New attachment for employees to self-report arrests, convictions, CPS findings and incarceration.

For more information, contact the Employee and Labor Relations Office.

AP 5143 - Bullying, Harassment or Intimidation 

PURPOSE:  To maintain a safe school environment that is conducive to learning and to ensure that school administrators and staff take measures to promote the prevention of bullying, harassment, and intimidation as well as prohibit reprisal or retaliation against individuals who report these acts.

Changes to AP 5143 include: 

  • Updated language requiring bullying, harassment and intimidation reports to be submitted via the or the "PGCPS iStopbullying" app. Reporting forms will no longer be used by the schools; and
  • Revised monitoring and compliance language.

For more information, contact the Department of Student Services.

AP 6139 - Test Security and Data Reporting

PURPOSE:  To provide for the security, monitoring, storage of all testing and survey materials before, during, and after test or survey administrations and the adherence to approved state and school district testing guidelines.

Revisions to AP 6139 include:

  • Updated language for reporting student results from statement assessments to parents/guardians;

  • Updated description of roles and responsibilities for the School Test Coordinator, Test Administrators and other staff assisting with assessments;

  • New section on test administration policy; and 

  • Revised section on testing behavior and data reporting violations.

For more information, contact the Department of Testing, Research and Evaluation.


AP 8391 -  Boundary Changes

PURPOSE:  To disseminate the procedures used by the Board of Education for
changing school boundaries.

Revisions to AP 8391 include:

  • New policy and definitions section;

  • Creation of Boundary Advisory Committee to coordinate with the Pupil Accounting Department annually to review school enrollment projections, capacity utilization and recommend boundary changes;

  • Revised timeline for process to change a school boundary; and

  • New monitoring and compliance language.

For more information, contact the Pupil Accounting Department.


Office of General Counsel

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