November - Preparedness in 1 Year

Hi Everyone!

We have one month left of our Preparedness in 1 Year campaign. Hope you are all keeping up. Remember, you can always go to Twitter or Instagram and search #prep1yr to get all the months; or go to our website at on the bottom left hand corner, all the months are listed. 

Week 44 of our #prep1yr is eating utensils; no explanation needed. Disposable is best so no precious using water to wash them.

Week 45 #prep1yr Make a complete place setting with disposable cups

Week 46 We all probably have a few of these #prep1yr items around, a cooler. Ice may be hard to come by so investing in an iceless one may be a safe purchase. (Suggestion only )

Week 47 - Sewing kit is this week’s #prep1yr item; you never know when you may need to mend something in a hurry; be sure there are scissors in the kit


Keep going!