Preparedness in 1 year - October

Happy Fall!

We are getting so close to our 52-weeks of preparedness; hope you’re all getting some good information on building kits.

Here is the list for the month of October:

Week 40 - Continuing with tool time in #prep1yr, it's time for screwdrivers and assorted screws…you just never know the possibilities until you're without!

Week 41 - We've packed food, clothing; now it's time for shelter needs. Heavy tarps or plastic sheeting for shelter, to keep dry, insulate yourself from weather elements.

Week 42 - Don't give up yet, we still have more necessities. This #prep1yr week is toothbrush and toothpaste. Notice how everything just seems right when you have a clean mouth?

Week 43 - This week’s #prep1yr is paper plates! No one wants to do dishes…ever…so go with paper. It's not a recyclers dream…but it will save water, the most precious resource.

Keep it up! We’re almost done.