September - Preparedness in 1 year

Happy Fall! Hopefully we’ll have a mild winter this year, but in case we don’t, we have our emergency kit ready to go!!


Here is the list for September:


Week 36 - Grab your heavy rope. Hold down a loaded car or truck; tie to trees and make a barrier; pull someone to safety; hang clothes to dry; so many uses for rope


Week 37 - Every DIY'ers favorite DUCT TAPE! This week's #prep1yr needs no explanation; we all know what duct tape can be used for.


Week 38 - A crowbar; open wooden gates, pry things apart, remove nails, break things and not get in trouble (during an emergency only)


Week 39 - It must be tool month. Pack a hammer and assorted nails in your #prep1yr kit; build a shelter; pull out nails; break more things!


3 months to go and still so much more to come.