Preparedness in 1 year - February

Our second month of Preparedness in 1 year; don't forget to follow us on Twitter and/or Instagram to see each week posted. #prep1yr

Week 5 - Canned meat, stew, or pasta. The amount depends on your family's needs. Remember, we're storing for 2 weeks. 

Week 6 - Feminine hygiene supplies; be sure to dispose of them properly.

Week 7 - Home inventory; take photos of your home, including contents for insurance purposes. It can be digital photos, video recording. Keep this information in a safe place with a trusted friend or family  member that lives out of the area of destruction. 

Week 8 - Assemble or purchase a first aid kit; also make sure you know how to use everything in it. Don't go small on this. The more you have the better off you'll be. Remember the products to expire, so watch this closely.

Keep up the good work!!