Preparendess in 1 year - January

Hello All!


Yes, you read the subject line correct. This preparedness in 1 year list is for the month of January. What happened is that I was only doing this list on Twitter, then I decided to do it on Instagram, to holy myself accountable and thought it would be great to send this to the emergency preparedness subscribers; but that wasn't until the month of March. Then one of my brilliant co-workers added it to our website but had to start in March. 

I've had several requests for January and February so those will be sent. When better than for National Preparedness Month. 

This year we’re going to post our Preparedness in 1 year campaign; each week on Twitter and Instagram we’ll post one item that you can put in your emergency preparedness kit so you’ll be ready in 1 year.  Follow us on Twitter @MarionCountyEM and/or Instagram @MarionCountyEM to get the latest item. If you’re not on social media, we’ll post each month here, to our website at the end of the month.

Let’s do this! (In no particular order)

Week 1 – It just happens that WATER is the first on our list; which is a good thing because it may take some time to get your water storage up to where it needs to be. This is life’s most valuable resource and we can’t live without it. The minimum is 1 gallon per person per day; extra if you have pets. Let’s do the math – 2 weeks. A family of 4 = 56 gallons at a minimum. That’s a lot to store. Of course you can purchase filters, water purification tablets, boiling water may work….there are options.

Week 2 – A hand operated can opener; for obvious reasons.

Week 3 – Instant drinks, coffee, tea, powdered milk, and powdered fruit drinks; etc.

Week 4 – Flashlights and extra batteries; you’ll want a sturdy one but keep several around the house. Don’t forget extra batteries, they expire too.

Let’s keep the momentum going throughout the year!!