Preparedness in 1 year - August

Happy August! Hopefully you all did well with your preparedness in 1 year this summer; as we continue through the end of the year, here is the list for the month of August!


Week 31 - Start gathering tools for preparedness kit! This week you'll want to pack a pair of pliers and/or vice grips. The more the merrier; having a back-up is always best. More tools are coming in the next few months.


Week 32 - Box of crackers or graham crackers; of course the foods we post on-line are suggestions, you may have your own ideas, which is great, just get it packed in your kit!!


Week 33 - Garbage bags are this week’s preparedness item. Heavy duty, bags for the porta-potty you built; you’ll want all sizes. Keep human waste and other waste separate.


Week 34 - Knives - camping knives, utility knives, kitchen knives!!! Knives can be used for many things. Pack them safely!


Keep up the great work! Feel free to share any photos of your kit. We’ll post them on our Facebook page during National Preparedness Month. Send them to; in the subject line put Prep in 1 year photo, or something along those lines.