July - Preparedness in 1 year

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Hi All, 

Here is your emergency preparedness in 1 year list for the month of July. Of course you can always follow along on Twitter @marioncountyem or Instagram @marioncountyem. Follow us or go to #prep1yr

Week 27 - We are over half way through our #prep1yr  how do your kits look? Here is an easy week - a whistle! Put one near your bed and in your kit. If you're trapped and no one can find you, they'll hear you!

Week 28 - Fire extinguisher is our next #prep1yr item. The best type to get is a Class ABC; it can quickly put out fire from trash/paper/wood; liquids & gases; and electrical sources. They have a long shelf life, but be sure to check the charge regularly!

Week 29 - Cans of juice is the next item on our #prep1yr list. Depending on how much juice your family will drink, pack accordingly. Large cans may be cheaper but not as convenient as smaller cans; plus much heavier. With sugar or without, whatever your preference.

Week 30 - Over the counter medicine and vitamins; we know during an emergency we may not eat the healthiest, so pack those vitamins! You'll also want ibuprofen, anti-diarrhea, antihistamine, and any other OTC meds you may need.

Keep up the great work!