Preparedness in 1 Year - June



Here is your list for the preparedness items (#prep1yr) that were featured on Twitter (@marioncountyem) and Instagram (marioncountyem)


Week 22 - Build your own porta potty. For under $10 you can build your own on-the-go-toilet; take a 5-gallon bucket ($3) with a trash liner ($3-4), a pool noodle for the seat, cut to fit ($1 store) and you should already have toilet paper. There you go! You can go the extra mile with the 2-bucket system, or use cat litter.


Week 23 - Quick energy snacks; granola, raisins, peanut butter, almonds. These have a long shelf life, quick to grab, and easy to store.


Week 24 - PPE or Personal Protective Equipment. You probably have some of this laying around various areas of your home but it's time to gather them into one place: safety glasses, heavy duty gloves, sturdy shoes, hard hat, bright safety vest; anything that will protect you from the elements. Of course there are so many things to list, these will help you get started.


Week 25 - Sunscreen! This is also considered PPE; you can still get sunburned when it's cloudy outside. This is especially important for kids and those who take medications that make them sensitive to the sun.


We're almost half way through! Keep up the good work!