April - Preparedness in 1 year

Here is the list of items we purchased in the month of April to be prepared by the end of the year:

-Canned vegetables-1 - 1 1/2 cans per person per day

-Baby items - extra diapers, formula, blankets, jammies, change of clothes - all for baby!

-Pet supplies - extra food, water, leashes, pet carriers, pet first aid kit, blankets, toys, towels

-A large container to store your items - this can be plastic totes, the clear totes are easy to see what's inside, a large suitcase on wheels, a plastic garbage bin on wheels - anything you can store easily or take with you in case of an evacuation


Things to do:

-Place a sturdy pair of shoes and an extra flashlight under your bed, it will come in handy in an emergency

-Place emergency supplies in your containers and be sure they are easy to get to; if you're rotating items in your house, no need to store them in the containers. Store the extra items you're purchasing

-Pack over the counter medications - be sure they have an expiration date or write the current date on them

Good luck with this! You'll be prepared in no time!