Preparedness in 1 Year - March



If you're following us on social media this will be old news to you; if you're not then read on.


Each week, on Twitter and Instagram, one item is posted that should go in your preparedness kit so you can be fully prepared within 1 year. The goal is to be prepared for 2-weeks; it's no longer just 72-hours as it has been in the past (this is custom to Oregon due to Cascadia)


Week 9: Canned fruit - at least one can per person per day (Hint-if all cans are pull-top you won't need to pack a can opener)
Week 10: Blankets, sleeping bags, pillows, anything to make bedding and stay warm (Hint-mylar or emergency blankets take less room to store and are less expensive)
Week 11: Paper products - toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, tissues - customize to your family needs (Hint-be sure you dispose of these products safely)
Week 12: Crescent wrench(es), utility shut off tools (Hint-check out the "On Duty" multi-purpose tool that can do 4 things with 1 tool)


These are some activities to plan for, or at least have the conversation with family:

-Home fire escape - drop, cover, and hold for an earthquake
-Check with your child's day care or school to find out about their disaster plans
-Locate gas meter and water shut off points - store the wrench or shutoff tool near them
-Establish and out-of-state contact to call in case of an emergency; it may be easier to call someone out of state than across town in lines are full. It also takes less bandwidth to text than to call


I hope these have been helpful hints this month.