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News and what-nots
Art from trash?  You bet!                Overstuffed and cluttered? Bet more!

Let's put this one in the way cool department: a Portland art exhibit made from trash is all about getting folks to think about their waste and what they discard. And in Portland, that's about a million tons a year that's sent to landfills.

To view a KATU story on the organization putting it on can be accessed here.  

The exhibit will be held at the Bison Building, 421 NE 10th Ave., Portland and runs through August 26.  Click here for more info about the project.                       

Let's book this one in the 'I kinda knew it all along department.'

New research by UCLA-affiliated social scientists conclude that American families are overwhelmed by stuff and clutter, too busy to even go into their own backyards, rarely eat dinner together, and can't park their cars in the garage because there's too much non-vehicular stuff packed into it.

To read more about this interesting four-year study, click here for a link to the Boston Globe's article.



How to solve a drinking problem

Ever wonder how your big event could avoid a lot of those single use plastic water bottles?  The Salem area Habitat for Humanity ReStore created this gizmo.  Thirsty patrons just walk up to the dispenser, turn on a nozzle, and water flows into yon empty container. 

Pretty neat, huh?

Ever had that discussion with someone about why plastic bags can't go into their curbside bin?  And when you did, did you wish you had a really great visual to go along with it?  Help is on the way. DNAInfo created a cool video that explains how the bags gum up the works at a materials recovery facility in Chicago. And it's pretty much the same problem in Portland...or Salem.

Click here to check it out.

bags of plastic
Need a cure for those summertime blues?  Here ya go:

The Englewood Forest Festival is happening THIS Saturday (Aug. 12) from 11 AM til 5 PM in Englewood Park, Salem. Besides a lot of music, food vendors, workshops, and dance, there will be multiple presentations as well. They include:

- Pollinator gardening
- Vermiculture
- Creating backyard wildlife habitat
- Local birds
- Composting 101... and much more.

The event is free and open to the public. See ya there!