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Earth Day Fun

Saturday, April 22, 2017​ |10 am to 4 pm​

Over 3,500 folks took part in Earth Day celebration at the Oregon Garden. There was a lot to see and do including petting friendly, fluffy furred Alpacas which was my favorite. Many thanks to the Master Recyclers who helped make this event such a success. 

Compost Demo Site Diane, Master Recycler
Lakota, Bonnie White, and Ed Kale                Diane Schoenrock and Griselda Puga

Master Recycler News MillieNancy Darst with attendee                            Millie Estrin with attendee

Judy Skinner Dori Meyer
Camelia Moss and Judy Skinner                    Dori Meyer and attendees

Sue and Alan Hailey Rutter
Sue Mills and Alan Pennington                 Hailey Rutter from Fresh Start Market

Nature walk   Recycled Art Calendar Contest
Lead a Tour or Two

A few Master Recyclers are needed to lead two tours of the Salem-Keizer Recycling & Transfer Station and the Earth Walk. There will be approximately 17 students ages 3-5 and their parents on each day:

Tue., May 23 ,10:00am - 11:00am
Wed., May 24, 2:00pm - 3:00pm

If you would like to lead a tour or two, please contact Andrea (503- 399-5510). Once you have confirmed the tour date, please let Bailey know so that he can notify the transfer station and give you tips on how to lead the tour.

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Recycled Art Calendar Contest

We are excited to announce another Recycled Art Calendar Contest. Great news, we are going back to the old format of a multi-page art calendar and we are still offering exciting prizes, including $500 to the classroom of the grand prize winner.

This year’s theme will be “Repair & Reuse”. Students are encouraged to consider ways that they can reduce waste and minimize consumption by repairing and reusing items instead of replacing.

This project is sponsored by the Mid-Valley Garbage & Recycling Association and Marion County. To learn more visit:


May Calendar   Preschooler

Green Community Calendar

Stay up-to-date with local, green events by adding the Green Community Calendar to your google calendar as well! If you'd like to share your event, email Jessica or give her a call at 503-365-3180.


Preschool Presentation

A Master Recycler is Needed to do a Preschool Presentation in May. Help provide recycling education to Lee Elementary's Preschool classroom. If you are interested please contact Griselda at (503) 566-4159.
Buckets and Pots      Repair fair

Trash the Buckets
and Nursery Pots

Sometimes we goof. You know how it is. We want to recycle what we can. We want to do the best for the environment. But sometimes the things we think can be recycled simply no longer has a market. 

When we put together our massive
all-county mailing of the Waste Matters Tabloid we said nursery pots and buckets could be added to the mixed recycling cart...they cannot. 

So please, trash those pesky nursery pots and buckets. It will sure make the lives better for folks who separate your stuff at the material recovery facility.

And please accept our humble apology! 


Ready 2 Repair

The Habitat for Humanity Mid Willamette Valley's ReStore is hosting the event (thanks to Master Recycler Chris Ream). 

Repair Fair & Share, ReStore
Saturday, July 15, 11am - 1pm
1249 13th St SE, Salem, 97302

We'll need all the help we can get. If you would like to join the fun and volunteer, we'd love to have you. 

Registration (3)
Computer Fixpert (2)
Sewing Fixpert (2)
Tool Fixpert (2)
Jewelry Fixpert (2)
Small Appliances Fixpert (2)
Stringed Instrument Fixpert (1)

Simply email Jessica to sign up. 


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Oregon Green School Summit

The Oregon Green School Summit is always an inspirational event. It's the one time a year when students from the state get together to proudly share their green projects from their school, learn from environmental experts, and connect with other students leaders. This year I chatted with a high-schooler who told me Oregon Green Schools has really helped with his attention deficit disorder. He has become more focused and Oregon Green Schools has allowed him to feel good about his work at school. 

Thanks to the many Master Recycler volunteers who made this event engaging and inspiring for all that came! 


OGS kids OGS Energy

Master Recycler Volunteers Kaci R.