Representative Boone's April 9, 2015 Newsletter

Deborah Boone


Greetings from Salem!

HB 5017 the $7.255 billion K-12 Education Budget has now been approved in both chambers and Governor Kate Brown indicated she will sign this bill.   This funding package included a $300 million increase over former Governor John Kitzhaber’s proposed education budget, and is a $600 million increase over the 2013-15 K-12 budget.    State lawmakers have increased the public school K-12 budget by 25% since 2011-13.  HB 5017 also includes provision that dedicates a percentage of any new revenue to education funding, and we will know more with the May revenue forecast.

On Monday, Seaside 8th grader Hayley Rollins came to Salem to testify in support of HB 3042.  I met Hayley when I spoke to her class at Broadway Middle School describing the lawmaking process, and explaining that some of the best ideas for new legislation come from constituents.   Hayley took my comments seriously, and suggested designating a day to honor Oregon artists. HB 3042 is a result of that request, and designates April 14th as Oregon’s Artists Day.  In her testimony before the House Rules committee, Hayley spoke about the importance learning about academics and culture in school.  She was thoughtful and well spoken, and while she waited to testify, she sketched a beautiful picture of a rose.    HB 3042 is expected to come up for a floor vote on April 14th, and Hayley plans to return to the Capitol that day, serving as an Honorary Page in the House of Representatives, while her bill is up for consideration.

Hayley's Rose

Hayley's Rose Drawing

Tuesday was Oregon Dairy Farmer’s Day at the Capitol, and I was happy to meet with Richard Obrist, Carol Marie Leuthold and other Tillamook area farmers.   The Oregon Dairy Farmers Association represents Oregon’s 240 dairy farming families, and milk is the state’s fourth most valuable agricultural commodity, generating nearly $553 million in gross farm sales annually.  The farmers were weighing in on several issues including funding for OSU’s Statewide Public Service Programs, regulation of antibiotic use on farm animals, and legislation encouraging breakfast availability within Oregon schools.

Wednesday the Oregon Realtors held their annual Capitol visit, and met with lawmakers to discuss legislation relating to  land use regulations, mortgage deductions, seller financing and rural Oregon economic development.  As Oregon’s economy continues to make modest increases, realtors in my district report seeing improvements in the real estate market.  

Clatsop County Realtors Visit Capitol

Clatsop County Realtors Visit Capitol

On Thursday in the House Veterans and Emergency Preparedness Committee, we held a work session on SB 85 which authorizes local governments to implement programs to facilitate retrofitting of buildings with seismic upgrades.   This legislation started with the idea to protect historic building from earthquake damage, and is an innovative way to build public-private partnerships to take on this important work.   I will be carrying this bill on the House Floor in the near future.

This week Senator Betsy Johnson joined me in sponsoring House Concurrent Resolution 25, to honor Nehalem Mayor Shirley Kalkhoven’s decades of service to her city, coastal communities, and the State of Oregon.  Shirley passed away unexpectedly on March 16th, and this legislation is one small way to honor her for her upstanding citizenship and outstanding community service. 

Last Friday, Oregon State Parks verified a western snowy plover nest on the Nehalem Spit. Although this protected species traditionally nested on the Clatsop, Necanicum and Nehalem Spits, this is the first time in more than 20 years a snowy plover has had an active nest on the Nehalem Spit.  State Parks has been managing recreation activities on the Nehalem Spit, driving is already prohibited, but bikes and kites were allowed on the northern three miles of beach, but not on the southern two miles. With the new nesting site, additional changes will be enacted.   Between March 15 and September 15, the plover nesting season, part of the dry sand on the southern two miles will be signed or roped off in some way.   People and horses will continue to be able to use the wet sand, but not the dry sand.  People walking dogs will need to use the same northern three miles of dry and wet beach that people use to ride bikes and fly kites.  

In order to best represent my district, I need to hear about your concerns.   My door is always open to constituents from House District 32, and I enjoy meeting with friends and neighbors when they visit Salem.   My office has moved to the fourth floor, I’m now in H-481.   If you are planning to visit the Capitol, let my office know a few days in advance so we can schedule an appointment.   If you have a concern or comment about a state agency or legislation under consideration, you can write, phone or email my office.

If you are interested in the legislative process, you can learn all about the Oregon Legislature, follow proposed bills, and watch committee meetings and floor sessions live, by accessing the Oregon Legislative Information System via the following link:

It is my privilege to represent you in the Oregon House of Representatives and I look forward to hearing from you.


Deborah Boone

email: I phone: 503-986-1432

address: 900 Court St NE, H-481, Salem, OR, 97301