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MARCH 6, 2015




I intended on writing about the issues that were taken up on the floors of the House and Senate this week, but events happened which I think need to be communicated now.  Yesterday Robert Kennedy Jr. was in Salem for a screening of a new movie he helped create called “Trace Amounts.”  We also had the opportunity to spend a couple of hours with him before the screening to have a very in depth discussion on the subject of the movie which is vaccinations.  I want to say for the record I am not opposed to vaccinations in general, the real issues deal with mandates and what we are actually putting into our bodies and more importantly our children’s bodies.


The place to start is the federal agency called the Center for Disease Control (CDC), which controls vaccinations as well as many other things.  There have been books written about the corruption and mismanagement of this agency in this area as well as others including the way they handled Ebola.  In the case of vaccines the record is very clear that the people making the decisions on various vaccines were actually profiting from those decisions; to the point where people were leaving the agency as multi-millionaires.  One very simple example, when I was a kid I think I received 3 vaccinations and now kids are receiving 36.  Shouldn’t someone be asking questions about this?  The CDC is not only NOT asking, they are keeping critical data sealed so no one can have access.  On top of that Congress passed legislation several years ago to keep them protected from real investigations.


The issue is not the vaccine itself; it is the chemicals they put in the vaccine to extend the life of the product which are mercury and aluminum.  I have believed for some time that there is a real link between vaccinations and autism, and it is connected to these two chemicals.  Unfortunately the CDC continues to deny any connection and will not allow access to the data which would either prove or disprove the assertion.  Our frustration is we are not allowed access to the hard science we need and should have access to.  It should also be pointed out there is no accountability, as the CDC is both judge and jury in the matter.


Why this issue is of greater importance in Oregon at the moment is because of Senate Bill 442, which would require all kids to get all 36 of these vaccinations as a condition of attending school.  No other country has the protocol’s we have and the health status of kids in most European countries is better than ours.  For example, we require a Hepatitis B vaccination at birth.  Not only is that putting a dangerous amount of aluminum into a baby, there is also the question of why vaccinate at birth for a disease that can only be transmitted through blood or sex.


There is an overarching issue at stake here and that is personal freedom.  I think it would be safe to say that the people who support SB 442 honestly believe they know more about what is good for children and they should be the ones making these decisions rather than the parents.  There is also legislation, SB 321 which would require all kids to enroll in school at age 5.  Once again saying the State knows what is in the best interest of children than the parents do.  In this area I think the goal is actually to get the State involved in children’s lives as early as age three, but this is the first step.


At this point SB 442 has been pulled from the committee agenda, but this does not mean it may not re-appear.  The point I want to emphasize is that we are seeing an erosion of our personal freedoms.  Most of this is being done under the cover of “what is in our best interest.”  I personally believe people should be able to live their lives with as little intrusion by government as possible.  A lot of freedom has already been lost.  We all need to be vigilant as to what they will try to take away from us next.




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