Senator Knopp: Keeping My Pledge To You



Knopp Honors Pledge Not to Take PERS

I took the oath of office as the State Senator for District 27 on January 14th. Along with being sworn in, I upheld a campaign promise not to join the state retirement program known as the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS).

It is very important to me to honor the promises that I’ve made. In order to maintain the proper commitment to PERS Reforms, elected officials must be objective and free of personal conflicts. If we don’t fix PERS now there will be fewer firefighters protecting our communities, fewer police officers on the streets, and fewer teachers in the classroom. I believe the upcoming session holds a tremendous opportunity for the Legislature to enact meaningful reform. Already, Governor Kitzhaber has led by taking steps against the paralysis in the Legislature on this issue. I believe the upcoming session will bring the PERS discussion closer to a solution.



I Am Here To Represent You

The legislative session brings many issues from several different places to the forefront but one thing I always welcome and encourage is hearing your voice on important issues. I believe that hearing from people that work and live in Central Oregon is the best way to guide me.

If you have any input please contact me at 503-986-1727 or 

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Many of you are connected with me on Facebook and social media is a great. It's a way for me to share what is happening in Salem with you but more importantly it's YOUR way to connect with me. I want to hear from you!

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Sen Knopp with Medal of Honor recipient and World War 2 Veteran Bob Maxwell.


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