Session 2022 Update

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Representative Goodwin

News from House District 2

Session 2022 Update

Dear neighbor,

It is my privilege to serve as your Representative in the Oregon Legislature and to be the voice for your concerns in Salem. The 2022 Oregon Legislative Session concluded on March 4. During even years like this one, the Legislature convenes for a short, 35-day session to address necessary budget changes and pass technical fixes to previous legislation. I would like to update you as my constituent on what occurred during this 2022 short session.

Before the Legislature convened, my colleagues in the House Republican Caucus and I identified three priority issues that needed to be addressed this year. We heard from Oregonians, like you, that we must tackle our state’s skyrocketing cost of living, unchecked crime wave, and deteriorating public education. I am happy to share that Republicans successfully passed important legislation to tackle these issues, but we should have been able to do more.

Unfortunately, the majority party in control of the House chose to give hundreds of millions of dollars to state agencies while Oregonians are financially struggling under inflation. In addition to this massive spending plan that will not meaningfully help taxpayers, our colleagues across the aisle pushed for legislation that will harm farm worker hours and pay, let convicted criminals vote and seek early release, establish Oregon’s first sales tax, and prevent police from enforcing laws.

Thankfully, only a few of these proposals passed, but they all used up time and energy during a 35-day short session, effectively killing legislation that Oregonians are asking for: the option of both self-service and attended service at the gas station, appropriate justice for critically injured victims of violent crime, restoring Oregon’s reading, writing and math standards for graduation, and transparent school curriculums, among others.

However, Republicans were successful this session in passing important bills that will help Oregonians. Because of our efforts, police can stop riots again, hospital workers have better protection from physical assault in the workplace, struggling local pharmacies are exempt from paying the corporate activity tax. Republican legislation also ensures affordable dental care for veterans and prevents pregnant mothers from receiving surprise medical bills for out-of-network births. We were also successful in fighting the Governor and the Oregon Health Authority’s mandates by blocking OHA from declaring health emergencies and mandates without approval.

My own legislative proposals were to enable Oregonians to protect their livestock from predatory animals and a veteran’s mortuary bill designed to ensure proper burial for unclaimed veteran remains, so that all of our nation’s heroes get the honor they deserve. I will continue working on these bills when I reintroduce them in 2023.

I want to thank you if you reached out to my office with a comment or opinion on legislation. If you have not done so yet, then I encourage you to email or call with your thoughts or concerns. I look forward to continuing my legislative work on your behalf and championing House District 2 in the Oregon Legislature.



Big Announcement

Southern Oregon Workforce Medical Center

We have a very important investment coming to Douglas County through the state budget.

$5 million has been allocated for the Southern Oregon Workforce Medical Center to improve health care service for residents of Douglas County and Oregon.

This facility will provide:

  • Training for high-demand health care positions
  • Affordable and accessible post-secondary medical education
  • Will serve as a pipeline of skilled allied and mental health providers
  • Will keep affordable and accessible healthcare in rural communities
  • Provide medical workforce to support expansion of Roseburg Veterans Affairs Health Care System scheduled for completion in 2029
  • Ensure ongoing access to local quality healthcare
  • Designates Douglas County as Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSAs)
  • Will provide greater opportunity for our communities to retain workforce

With the conclusion of the 2022 short session I am pleased to have worked alongside my colleagues on the people’s work. I look forward to realizing the benefits of this important investment for the Southern Oregon Workforce Medical Center that will improve staffing in Southern Oregon’s health care facilities to better serve patients and alleviate the burden on overworked staff.

Capitol Phone: 503-986-1402
Capitol Address: 900 Court St. NE, H-386, Salem, Oregon 97301