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Senator Floyd Prozanski
South Lane and North Douglas Counties
District 4

900 Court St. NE, S-413, Salem Oregon 97301
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e-Bulletin                     July 2021

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Dear friends,

    I hope this finds you well and staying cool, having endured the unprecedented late June heat wave and enjoyed Independence Day. Thanks for celebrating safely, given the high wildfire risk across Oregon. With extremely dry conditions and no rain in the forecast, any ignition could mean catastrophe. Please keep up your efforts this summer, avoiding use of open flames, fireworks and driving in grass. If you're going camping or working outdoors with gasoline engine equipment, please determine what restrictions are in effect. Needless to say, no one wants to see a repeat of 2020's devastating fires.

    At least one new fire has emerged: The Jack Creek Fire in Douglas County, with a Level 3 "Go!" evacuation order issued for all recreation areas, homes and businesses located between Highway 138E (North Umpqua Highway) mile marker 43 east to Eagle Rock Campground (as of 9 a.m. on July 7). For latest information, visit This fire is east of the Archie Creek Fire burn zone.

    On Saturday, June 26, t
he 2021 Legislative Session adjourned 
sine die. Despite challenges brought on by COVID-19, including remote committee meetings, Oregon concluded a successful session after one of the most trying 18 months in our state's history. One of the positives of having virtual hearings was that more Oregonians from around the state were able to participate and give their testimony from their home or local community; they didn't need to drive to Salem to give their testimony! I hope and expect that folks will be permitted to give virtual testimony in the future. From the pandemic and resulting economic turmoil, to destructive wildfires, we focused on the daunting task of recovery.

    Please "save the date" for a Eugene-area legislative delegation town hall on Monday, August 2, at 6 p.m., when my colleagues and I will discussion the 2021 session. I'll send notice with details once final arrangements are made. 

    Notable session accomplishments include major wildfire relief and prevention measures (discussed in detail below), new laws addressing police accountability and a clean-energy future, plus steps to alleviate economic instability caused by the global COVID-19 health crisis. Future editions of my e-newsletter will feature 
–– by topic area –– key legislation that passed. With strong revenue projections and billions in support from federal aid, we were able to make historic investments in schools as well as in human and mental health services.

    Last Wednesday, June 30, Governor Brown lifted her executive orders related to Oregon's COVID-necessitated general mask and social distancing mandates, as well as the county risk level system, fully "reopening" Oregon. With the repeal of these executive orders that placed COVID-19 related restrictions on Oregonians, the Governor's remaining emergency authority is limited in focus to COVID-19 recovery efforts, similar to the recovery executive order currently in place for 2020 wildfire season recovery. Emergency authority continues to be necessary to provide flexibility and resources for vaccination efforts; for health system response to COVID-19 including staffing flexibility; for Oregon's access to FEMA, enhanced SNAP benefits, and other federal aid; for unemployment insurance claim processing; for continued operation of certain emergency child care providers through the summer; and more. The recovery order does not provide authorization for agencies to renew restrictions based on emergency authorities. Some statewide mask requirements may stay in place in specialized settings following federal guidance, including airports, public transit, and health care settings. The Governor's recovery order will remain in effect until December 31, 2021, unless terminated earlier.

    While statewide restrictions have been lifted, some community members may still appreciate distancing, and some businesses may still require masks. Please keep your mask handy, respect the choices of others, and abide by the rules of local businesses and venues. Thank you!

    And to everyone who has chosen to be vaccinated: Thank you, too! For anyone not yet vaccinated, please consider doing so as soon as you can for your own health and that of your community. While Oregon has reached the 70 percent threshold of people receiving at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, the deadly Delta variant is becoming more prominent among the unvaccinated. Unfortunately, we must also assume that other variants will present themselves.

Below you will find information on:

        - DMV Expanded Services
        - Landmark Wildfire Legislation
        - Red Cross Seeks Volunteers
        - Roseburg VA Virtual Veterans Town Hall: July 21
        - Cottage Grove, Dexter Water Co-ops Receive Funding for Safe Drinking Water

    I hope this information is helpful and informative for you or someone you know. As always, feel free to share your comments, questions or concerns with me by phone, mail or e-mail.

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DMV Expanded Services

    In light of the Governor's recent lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, all DMV field offices are now accepting standby customers, in addition to appointments. As space and time allow, customers in the standby line are called forward and served in between those with appointments. Additionally, there are no restrictions on which services are offered in field offices. Oregon residents may bring their vehicle title and registration transactions, as well driver license-related transactions, when visiting DMV offices.

    Here's how to access DMV services:

  • Visit –– DMV now has more than 20 online services, including driver license and ID card renewal;

  • Make an appointment –– if you can't find what you're looking for online, schedule an appointment at your nearest field office by visiting or calling 503-945-5000;

  • Visit a standby line –– all DMV field offices are taking standby customers. Just visit your local field office and grab your place in line. You'll get called up when it's your turn.

Landmark Wildfire Legislation

    On the final day of its 2021 session, the Oregon Legislature passed 
SB 762, making policy changes and direct investments to improve prevention, mitigation and response to wildfires. The multi-pronged approach contained within SB 762 ensures that our state can proactively respond to wildfire risk, protect communities and save lives.

    According to the Governor's Wildfire Economic Recovery Council Report, 1.2 million acres burned in Oregon in 2020. As a result of those fires, the cost of wildfire, wind, response and debris removal is estimated at $1.15 billion. Additionally, more than 5,000 structures were destroyed. Most of them were homes, and more than 2,000 displaced individuals required emergency shelter. Tragically, nine Oregonians lost their lives.

    SB 762 is supported by a spectrum of stakeholders, including communities most threatened by the risk of a catastrophic wildfire event as well as the firefighters who put their lives on the line when they answer the call to protect communities across Oregon. The bill was developed with significant input from multiple agencies, tasked with carrying out the policies contained within SB 762 and establishing administrative rules.

    Among the extensive policies included in Senate Bill 762 are:

  • Developing statewide, publicly available map of wildfire risk incorporating information such as risk classes and wildland urban interface interaction;

  • Creating wildfire prevention policies, including community-driven restoration of forests and rangelands, and ignition-resistant materials requirements for new construction within high-risk zones;

  • Directing new defensible space standards;

  • Establishing electric utility systems for use prior to and during wildfire events;

  • Providing wildfire smoke protections to vulnerable communities;

  • Increasing firefighter capacity, including air defense resources;

  • Investing in youth and workforce training programs to train future firefighters and land managers;

  • Updating agency business systems to ensure appropriate cost controls, prudent financial management, oversight and reporting;

  • Requiring stakeholder engagement from public boards and advisory committees in development and review of the wildfire map, defensible space stands, building code safety measures and land use recommendations;

  • Appointing a Wildfire Programs Advisory Council composed of stakeholders and members of the public to advise a new State Wildfire Programs Director, and to provide recommendations on implementation and community engagement; and

  • Investing $200 million for essential workforce and local communities on the frontlines, managing and mitigating wildfires.

Red Cross Seeks Volunteers

    This fire season, the Red Cross of Southwest Oregon is "leaning forward" in preparing to be able to quickly respond to disaster events. If you're interested lending time, please visit:

Roseburg VA Virtual Veterans Town Hall: July 21

The Roseburg VA Health Care System invites all veterans, their family members and stakeholders to a virtual town hall on Wednesday, July 21, at 5 p.m. This will be an open dialogue forum to update enrolled veterans and beneficiaries about veteran care and will allow veterans an opportunity to be heard and have their questions answered. An agenda will be shared by RVAHCS moderators for all to view and follow along. Attendees are encouraged to participate via the virtual application's instant messaging feature to discuss agenda items.

What: Roseburg VA Health Care System Virtual Veterans Town Hall for All for Veterans in Roseburg, Eugene, Brookings and North Bend.

When: July 21, 5 p.m. - 6 p.m.

Where: Virtual via Cisco WebEx

    Or, dial-in:
    Meeting Number (Access Code): 199 518 1767
    Password: Roseburg-Jul21

Cottage Grove, Dexter Water Co-ops Receive Funding for Safe Drinking Water

    The London Water Co-op (Cottage Grove) and Dexter Oaks Water Co-op have both been awarded special state funding to improve drinking water infrastructure. Congratulations on your successful applications!

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